You are missing out by Not Going Pro with iTop VPN



ITop is one of the best free VPN for Windows programs that you can get. It earns this distinction courtesy of its vast array of features.

One of this PC utility’s selling points is its free VPN services. You can use it without paying as you learn how it works. Once satisfied with how it works, you can access more by subscribing to a Pro package. This is a move to make if you are serious with your computing duties and PC health.

A Glance At iTop VPN Premium Plans

ITop VPN has three Pro plans, defined by the subscription period. Here, you have the one-month plan, which costs $11.99 per month. Next, there is the 6-month plan, which you pay $6.99 per month, and billed every six months at $41.99.

The last package is the yearly one. To subscribe to it, you pay $2.31 monthly, billed yearly at $55.44. When you subscribe to the yearly package, you get an extra year of use. In total, you get an 80% discount. Go for this plan for the best value.

While the free version is accommodative, there are several things it does not provide, as we can see below.

Server Access

One of the benefits of subscribing to iTop’s services is wide server access, over 1800. This is a great figure compared to the 16 servers at your disposal on the free toolkit.

With access to many servers worldwide, you can browse geo-restricted platforms. Additionally, you can use the VPN in any part of the world.

Unlimited Data and Bandwidth

When you use the VPN for free, you can only transmit 700MB daily. It is a small transmission value, as you have unlimited data and bandwidth on the Pro packages.

Furthermore, you get a connection speed that is ten times faster. The connectivity allows you to take part in streaming, gaming, working, and checking out your social media platforms. The network’s stability allows for effortless browsing without buffering.

Extra Browser Privacy and Security

ITop VPN guarantees you browser privacy. Enhancing your privacy is the kill switch feature, which comes in handy when the VPN accidentally shuts down. It automatically blocks all traffic, preventing accidental data leaks. Also, you can use this software to hide your IP address.

ITop’s product has high security standards. When you use it, you are sure of your detail’s protection.

Subscribing to the premium packages will open another dimension of protection against malware and blocks ads and trackers.

Similarly, there are many other platforms like the thepirateproxybay which is safe and authentic.

Getting Into the Premium Packages

Generally, iTop VPN is a user-friendly utility, and you will have an easy time executing several functions. If you want to subscribe to a plan, you pick the desired plan and enter your email. This action redirects you to another page, where you complete the payment.

Available payment channels are PayPal, credit or debit card, and bank transfer. Pay for the utility and install it on your device.

As A Summary

If you want a reliable VPN for Windows, iTop is a worthy option. For efficiency, subscribe to the premium plans.

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