Why Your Business Should Move to a Cloud Fax Solution?

Why Your Business Should Move to a Cloud Fax Solution?

Why Your Business Should Move to a Cloud Fax Solution?

Businesses are adopting systems and applications that streamline processes easily and increase revenues. One of the critical business systems is faxing. It involves transmitting documents to different personnel and teams. Traditional faxing requires various hardware, and it is generally slow and unreliable. Conversely, Cloud faxing is the superior internet-based or online fax services system. If you’re looking to upgrade your business’s faxing system, you can sign up for the enterprise fax solution named eGoldFax.

How Moving to Cloud Fax Can Help Your Business

Cloud faxing promotes swift, paperless, and convenient faxing. There are numerous benefits to leveling up to a cloud fax solution:

1. Enhances Security

Many studies show that office workers access documents printed on fax machines that weren’t intended for them. And if the documents contain confidential information, that will be terrible. With traditional faxing, the hardware may be wrongly placed, allowing 3rd parties to access the documents. But when you transition to cloud faxing, the fax transmissions are encrypted; thus, only the intended recipients can access the messages and documents.

2. Promotes Regulatory Compliance

Your customers have probably submitted sensitive information. And there are federal laws that shield customer data protection. If you’re using analog faxing systems, it can be interpreted as laxity in protecting customer data. However, if a business invests in online faxing, where transmissions are encrypted, it means that customer data is protected at all times.

3. Saves Resources

Traditional faxing is a resource-intensive system. You have to pay for machines, servers, power, and maintenance costs. Some expenses have a monthly or yearly recurrence. When you put all these costs together, you realize that launching and operating a traditional faxing system is costly. But a cloud-based faxing system doesn’t necessitate huge expenses. You only have to sign up for a cloud fax platform, and you can send and receive documents without any issues.

4. Enhances Collaboration

Within a business, most messages and documents are intended for teams, as opposed to single employees. If you’re using traditional faxing, it can take so long before every employee gets the document or message, and there can also be a lot of resources used up. In case the machines jam or there’s power loss, the situation becomes even worse. But if your business has a cloud faxing system, you can conveniently send the documents and messages to teams, enhancing collaboration between the employees.

5. Eliminates Physical Barrier

When using traditional fax to send a document, you need to be physically present in the building. This can be a limiting factor if you’re constantly traveling. But when you use cloud faxing, you can be anywhere but still send and receive faxes with ease. This allows you to stay connected with employees, and it allows you to be more productive.

6. Reliable Support from Provider

Before you buy a traditional faxing system, the seller typically appears very mindful of your issues. But once you buy the traditional faxing system, the provider may not provide sufficient support. In some cases, you might get stuck with hardware that soon becomes obsolete. On the other hand, investing in cloud faxing systems means that you have a provider that answers your questions and provides quality support.

7. Highly Scalable

If you have a small business with two or three employees, you can do a traditional faxing system. But if your company grows to the point of hiring 100+ employees, the traditional faxing system wouldn’t be reliable. But the online faxing system is easily scalable. Thus it can allow the transmission of faxes to groups and remain cost-effective.

8. Email Functionality

For most people, emails are the standard form of communication. If you sign up for a cloud fax platform, you can send and receive documents through email. People don’t require any training to be able to use emails. But when it comes to traditional faxing, coordinating the hardware and software can easily overwhelm an inexperienced person.

9. Consolidating Systems

When a business levels up to a cloud fax system, it has the chance to consolidate its systems and applications. It makes the execution of different programs seamless. Also, a cloud fax system allows you to leverage various other tools and devices.

10. Account Manager

Most online fax platforms provide their customers with dedicated account managers. The managers seek to understand the business, particularly customers’ faxing needs, and they assist the business in developing a custom and scalable faxing solution that enables them to achieve their goals.

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