Why You Should Think about Getting Email Encryption for Your Personal Use



With the recent SolarWinds attack, cybersecurity has been thrust into public attention once more. As cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication and frequency, simple cybersecurity breaches are also increasing. They can be anything from phishing attempts to data leaks. 

If you are working today, the chances are that you have to send and receive a lot of emails. They could be related to work, your financial information, or any other sensitive information that you wouldn’t want strangers to have ready access to. 

But using emails is not as safe or private as you think it might be. Emails don’t travel directly from your device to the recipients. They travel to multiple servers, routers, and proxies on the way. Any individual can access the contents of your email by accessing any one of these stepping points. 

Email Encryption 

Encryption is any system or process through which information is no longer readable by everyone. Only those who have the correct encryption key can scan the data. While encrypted data can be unencrypted, decryption takes a long time and is a significant investment in time and money. 

When you use email encryption from services like Trustifi, your emails are encrypted using modern encryption algorithms. These turn your plain-text emails into emails that cannot be accessed by those who are not the intended recipients. 

You might be thinking that such protection for your emails is only necessary for large businesses or people handling confidential information. That is a common misconception. You can buy cheap private proxies for personal use or for business. Some of the many safe proxies are listed at proxy-rarbg.org

Why You Need It 

While it is true that businesses are increasingly under attack from sophisticated cyber hackers, you are at risk as well. The number of smaller-scale cyber-attacks looking to steal information and money from individuals has increased each year exponentially. Trying to breach an individual’s data is significantly easier than doing it to a company, after all. 

If you think that there is no valuable information that they could take from you, then that’s incorrect as well. 

Someone who can access your email can easily misuse this data. Unsecure emails can even lead to your accounts getting hacked. 

Multiple scammers are trying to get your personal information so that they could sell it off on the dark web. You and your data are valuable, even if you don’t realize it yet. 


Even though we think of cybersecurity measures as something that Fortune 500 companies need to deal with, that is no longer the case. With rapid digitalization, all of our information is at a hacker’s fingertips. One small data leak can ruin your life at the hands of the wrong person. 

By getting email encryption, you are being proactive towards your own cybersecurity. It is just a small yet significant step that can help you against many cyber threats prowling the internet. As cyber threats continue to grow, normal individuals need to be prepared as well. 

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