Why Should High Schools Retain a Title IX Attorney?



A nationwide education lawyer helps schools and colleges make sure that their sex discrimination policy conforms with the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Otherwise, they could find themselves in violation of Title IX, resulting in a loss of federal funding or even a lawsuit. It is important for schools to retain a Title IX attorney because it can help shape policies with an understanding of what is expected by law and not just by administrators’ desires or personal feelings about gender equality.

Here are different ways high school students can be protected by a Title IX attorney:

  1. Sports participation opportunities and benefits

If a school’s policies are improperly and unlawfully denying opportunities to both boys and girls, Title IX attorneys can look into the school’s overall diversity initiatives. They can find out if there is a violation of Title IX if these initiatives consistently favor one gender over another. In this situation, the school might lose federal funding because schools are not allowed to discriminate against students based on sex. Therefore, Title IX attorneys ensure that the school treats all genders equally in sports participation and other benefits.

  1. Sexual harassment and violence

A Title IX attorney can help identify sexual harassment when it’s happening and make sure the school is doing everything possible to prevent its recurrence. In addition, Title IX attorneys make sure that schools have a procedure in place to handle sexual harassment and violence complaints. They also ensure that those procedures are being followed so the school doesn’t lose federal funding for violating Title IX.

  1. LGBTQ students

Since Title IX attorneys know the law very well, they can effectively assist schools with the care of LGBTQ students. For example, Title IX attorneys can help schools eliminate discrimination in programs and activities and make sure that these students get the same opportunities that other non-LGBTQ students receive. They are also able to assist schools with sensitivity training for both educators and students on how to be respectful toward LGBTQ people.

  1. Retaliation against reporters of Title IX violations

Title IX attorneys can help schools prevent retaliation against students who report Title IX violations. By doing so, the school can keep its federal funding and not have to pay a lawsuit. It’s important for this reason because Title IX attorneys not only prevent retaliation and hearings but also ensure that schools are fairly conducting investigations into potential violations.