Why It Is Important To Track Button Clicks In Google Analytics



Tracking button clicks in Google Analytics: many website owners don’t do this and this is a shame. Tracking clicks can give you great insights in your visitors’ thought process and can show the needs of your customer. Furthermore, tracking button clicks can help you to identify website bugs and increase your user experience, resulting in longer website visits and perhaps even more sales. Read in this article how tracking button clicks with Google analytics can help you increase your business.

The importance of tracking button and link clicks

A good Google Analytics track button click strategy can give you great insight in your marketing activities and their effectiveness. If you launch a new marketing campaign and you track the button clicks, you can measure the interest in your campaign.

Imagine that you have just launched a campaign that promotes the sale of a new product and at the end of the campaign your sales are very disappointing. You might think that there was simply no interest in your product. However, if you have tracked your button clicks, it could show that many people have actually clicked a button related to your campaign but have decided not to purchase the product.

This shows that customers actually had great interest in your product, but there might be something else that stopped them from purchasing, such as a high price or difficult return policy. Tracking button clicks therefore gives you a good overview of the interest and decision making process of your customers.

How link and button clicks can uncover the user path

Besides tracking the interests of your customers, tracking button clicks with Google Analytics might also give a good overview of your user path. Do your customers go straight to clicking the purchase button, or do they click information buttons firstly? This might show if customers are familiar with your product or just looking for information.

Also, tracking what your website visitors click might give you a good insight in what brings them to your website. If there are certain products that generate a high number of clicks, chances are that customers came for that product. This is also a good indication that you might need to make changes in your assortment and website lay-out.

Products that generate low clicks might need some more promotion or even be removed from the website. Popular products should always appear first and should be easy to find and purchase. In this way, you can keep your customer on your website and stimulate sales.

If your users all leave the website at a specific page of the website, you might have a bug that decreases its user experience. This kind of information can all be found by tracking the button clicks with Google Analytics.

Button and link clicks as conversion goals

Now that button and link clicks can easily be tracked, it can be used to create a strong conversion rate optimization goal. In Google Analytics, you can set certain conversion goals. These goals can be set for a specific button. Each time a visitor clicks that button, the goal is reached. In this way, you can track the performance of certain buttons, such as “put in basket’-button or “purchase now”-buttons. If there are many button or link clicks and therefore a high conversion rate, your marketing efforts have been successful. If not, you might want to revise your marketing strategy.

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