Why is QuickBooks hosting perfect for firms during holidays?

Why is QuickBooks hosting perfect for firms during holidays

Why is QuickBooks hosting perfect for firms during holidays

techThe holiday season has started and everyone must have started thinking of making their life easier, stress-free and memorable. Well, during the holiday season, no one wishes to work relentlessly and especially when it comes to accounting.

But you can enjoy your holiday season while maintaining your accounts effortlessly by choosing the smart QuickBooks hosting solution. This advanced accounting solution can be purchased at a very economical rate and that’s why it’s a perfect choice for small businesses as well.

So, let’s look at how QuickBooks enterprise hosting can streamline your accounting during the holiday season.

No need to move out of your house in order to work

Sitting at your home while enjoying the snowfall and feeling the vibes of Christmas is the best feeling for everyone and QuickBooks hosting can give you the same comfort while allowing you to work on your books.

In the hosted solution, everything is stored on the cloud and that’s how you are able to access everything from anywhere and at any time. With such flexibility, you can work from your home, while on the go or even while on a vacation. So grab your feast, gather around with your family members and yet have the access to your books 24/7.

Get rid of all the hassles related to the availability

Availability is the main issue for any owner regarding his business solutions. No one wishes to be locked out of his data while using a technologically advanced solution, but the QuickBooks hosting helps users to be always available.

QB on the cloud comes with 99.99% of high uptime and that’s how the continuity of the business is maintained. With such a high uptime, you will not face more than a few hours of downtime in a year.

Save some money during holidays

Money-saving is very much necessary during the holiday seasons so that you can buy a number of gifts, decorate your house, go on a trip, and opting for QuickBooks hosting during the holiday season can save you a lot of money as it is the most economical accounting solution which comes with the power of the cloud.

You can opt for the QuickBooks hosting solution for as little as $40/month/user. This will also save your money wasted in building in-house servers and you will also don’t need to hire any staff for maintaining your IT solution.

Let your employees work from the comfort of home

Nobody wants to sit in the closed cabin of offices during the holiday season and the reason behind it is very genuine. Who would wish to travel to the office and work for 9 hours when the snow is painting nature and everyone seems to be in a jolly mood.

But you don’t have to force your employees to be present in the office, especially when it comes to accounting because, with the help of QuickBooks hosting, you will be able to give your employees the flexibility of working from home.

The multi-user accessibility of the QB on the cloud gives you the power to add people to a project without keeping them under one roof. With the help of multi-user accessibility, you can add multiple people to your QuickBooks and you can also limit their accessibility so that you can keep some of your sensitive files and data, out of the reach of employees.

Don’t be a victim of cyberattack or fraudulence during the holidays

You might be waiting for the holiday seasons to begin so that you can relax in your home while having a feast with your family, but hackers and evil-minded people never take a day off. It doesn’t matter whether you are enjoying Easter or waiting for Christmas, you should never leave even a single loophole in the security and safety of your data.

Storing data on the hard disk, allowing different people to access your financial data and using all sorts of traditional methods of storing your data can ruin all your holiday plans.

But the QuickBooks hosting can give you peace of mind regarding your data as the cloud platform is the most secure way of storing your data. There are various layers of security deployed on the cloud platform and all these security layers help the user to stay away from the reach of cybercriminals.

No need to take the tension of backup during holidays

The holiday season is surely for celebration and enjoyment. No one wants to spend their holiday while creating backups for their important company files, especially related to finances. The manual process of backup creation is quite a money guzzler and it also demands high involvement.

As an entrepreneur, you must be thinking that why there are only 24 hours in a day as the tasks will be piling up on your table while the time will be slipping out of your hands. In such situations, you can’t give your time to creating backups and especially during the holiday season, where everyone wants to enjoy.

But if you have QuickBooks hosting as your partner, then you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about creating a manual backup as your hosting provider takes care of all such backups.

The cloud provider offers nightly backup for all your data stored on their server so that you can stay away from catastrophes like complete data loss, or delay in data recovery after being hit by a disaster.

So make your holidays memorable by choosing QuickBooks cloud hosting as your reliable and trusted accounting partner. With QB on the cloud by your side, your holidays will go as per your plan and your books will be maintained regularly, without even visiting the office or keeping your employees under one roof.

It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is. If you are looking forward to streamlining your accounting then you should go for this cloud accounting solution without any second thoughts. There is no denying the fact that holidays can be used to enjoy your life but if you are able to make the most of the holidays by using the power of cloud accounting then it will turn out to be the best holiday for you.

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