What Laptop Is Best for Business Studies?  



Whether you have just signed onto your business course, or are a returning student looking to replace their laptop, you may be wondering what laptop is going to best suit your needs. This article will explore the considerations you should be making when purchasing a new laptop as a business student.


Luckily, as a business student, you will not be likely to need to run any huge programmes, and so you should be ok with basic hardware.

You will need browsing capability for research, email capacity for work submissions, and Word capabilities. Other applications are likely to be course dependant, for example if your course has an accountancy element you may be required to store lots of receipts etc.

All of these are elements you need to think about when purchasing a new machine, primarily because the level of software you need, and the work you will be doing, will determine which hardware you need to purchase.

A 4GB model would probably suffice for basic needs, but you may struggle to run newer operating software such as Windows 11 using this, so it is probably more beneficial for you to go with a minimum of an 8GB model. Lenovo have a great range of Laptops for business students,  so if you’re considering a new machine check them out.

An SSD memory is a welcome benefit if you can get one in your price range, but that being said, it isn’t a deal breaker as it can add a significant amount onto the cost of your laptop.


There is certainly a great range of machines available to suit a number of budgets, and many retailers will have fantastic bundle offers where you can usually get things like anti-virus thrown in at a discount when purchasing (which you will want to get to ensure the longevity of your machine).

Always get the best machine you can afford, as this means you will be less likely to need to upgrade in the near future, and if you’re unsure about what to purchase then don’t be afraid to ask an expert.




Windows comes pre-installed on most machines; the variant of the software depends on the price you pay. If you’re running Windows 10, you won’t require as big a memory or processor to run it as you would with Windows 11, so this is worth bearing in mind when purchasing.

You will also need to either get a utility package such as Microsoft Office student, or use free suites of tools like Google’s office software.


As a business student, you are likely to not need any large processors or memories, as most basic laptops will be enough to conduct research and write essays. That being said, you should always get the best computer you can afford as this will save you having to upgrade in the near future.

Look around for bundle deals which will save you money, and ask the advice of an expert if you are unsure!

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