What is the future of app builders?



Do you want to have a career as a developer by creating apps on app builders?

So, are you interested in learning whether the future of app development platforms is evolving or not? Then, you have reached the right resource for you.

In the below parts of this article, you can get insights into how the app builder might evolve in the coming times.

With the changing demands regarding mobile app development, app-building technology is also growing and evolving actively. The dynamics of the mobile app market and the need for new functionalities to make a unique application have ultimately led to a boost in mobile app developments.

Since Android apps dominate almost 85% of the mobile app market, many app builders offer their users the to build native Android apps for free without inputting a single line of coding language. Take, for example, the Andromo app builder. It is a no-code app development platform that allows users to create a native app for free in the initial phase. The app that you develop using the features of this Andromo platform also benefits many other in-built app features. You can easily export your app to App Store and Play Store.

So, haven’t app builders made app development such a quick and straightforward process?

That being said, let us now move and look into some prominent aspects that relate to the future of app builders.

IoT and Cloud integrations

With today’s technology advancements, the significant and trending transformations brought into the world of mobile app development are the IoT (Internet of Things) and the Cloud. With the integration of these two technologies, various other products came into force, such as smart cars, smartwatches or wearables, automated home appliances, etc.

In the coming years, the integration of Cloud and IoT-infused mobile apps will enable abundant information & data management. The potential capabilities of such technology will allow the users to connect multiple devices in real-time.

Development of Cross-platform tool

Suppose you have used or ever come across the Andromo app builder platform. In that case, you could see that it allows the users to build native mobile apps compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can easily publish your app on both mobile app markets. This is only possible because Andromo is backed by Google Flutter.

Google Flutter is a multiplatform development tool that allows the user to build native apps that can be run on iOS and Android devices without compromising the native app’s functionalities.

Cross-platform app development tools generally mean building a mobile app that can be used on different devices. Creating mobile apps that run on various platforms and devices is an essential tool that comprises the aspect of future app builders. It will also reduce the costs involved in the development of such cross-platform use apps. Along with the viable product, it also offers many other app development solutions.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP is Google’s smart technology that mainly handles the SEO needs for the advertisers, publishers, SMM managers, etc. It is a web technology that powers smoothly on Android platforms. The AMP applications boost the Google search rankings, performance, and working speed.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning integration

AI and ML hold everything for the future of mobile applications. Many app builders have already integrated AL and ML technologies in their Android app development process for the past years. The result of such integrations can be seen as chatbots, voice assistants, data automation, processing and analytics, speech recognition, etc.

The incorporation of AI and ML in mobile apps not only improves the quality of the apps but also enhances the overall user experience. The algorithms of the machine learning technology will enable app developers to give a personalized touch to their apps. With artificial intelligence, future apps will be wise to analyze user behavior in real-time for accurate conversions.

Final words

As much as 5G and blockchain technology are in talks concerning mobile applications, the future of app builders has many more positive scopes that are still unnoticed by the developers. Thus, featuring robust, effective, and trending app development tools for the developers will undoubtedly alleviate the app builder’s future.

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