What is Quora and how does it work?

What is Quora

What is Quora

Have you ever heard of Quora? This is a very popular web service since 2011. It has a large number of users, so not having heard or read about it is difficult. But do you know what it is for and what use you can give it? In this article, we will talk about it.

Quora home page

Quora is a network where there are questions and answers, but it is not based only on that. What this page seeks is to be a knowledge base. Where the questions are perfectly organized by categories and anyone can propose a correction to improve it. Even if a question is not well formulated or is repeated it can be deleted. In addition, questions receive votes that improve or worsen their evaluation.

The answers are also classified by the votes of the users, these can also be corrected, but the method is different. For the questions, it is edited directly, while in the answers an editing suggestion is sent to the author, so that he may correct it if he wishes.

So, to sum up, the talk, Quora is a large knowledge base that is structured in questions and answers. Users actively collaborate to feed this site with content, either by asking questions, answering, or correcting.

How does it work and how we can use it?

Quora works in a very intuitive way so that from the first moment the user knows what to do. Once you have an invitation and you proceeded to register through a Facebook or Twitter account, you can be automatically followed by friends who have been added to these applications and who are on this page.

The assistant

Once inside you will meet an assistant who will offer you topics. What you have to do from that moment is to complete your profile on the page. You will be asked for photos, link social networks and most importantly choose those topics that you are interested in following in order to participate.

Once you have followed all these steps and are registered, the page takes you directly to the main Quora tab, which is simple and sober. There you will see three tabs:

Browse: here are all the questions related to the user (by topic or users related to them).

Answer: in this tab are open questions and ready to answer that may interest the user.

Notifications: this tab reports on the activity of the user’s friends, their questions and answers on Quora.

On the page, you can also see settings, Settings. Here the user can change some things on his profile, such as the notifications he receives in his mail, the social networks linked to his profile, his password to enter the page, or establish that his profile does not appear in search engines.

Quora profile

When you manage to enter your profile, you will see that it is very similar to the one found on Twitter. You can edit your description, see all the questions and answers you have asked or voted for. You can also find more information about you, such as the number of followers you have, how many people follow and what are topics interest you.

Now we only have to discover the operation of an important part of Quora, which is the question and answer area: as we explained at the beginning, asking questions is very easy: you just have to write them in the box located at the top of the page. You must click on Add Question. There you will add a short description and that’s it. You’ve made it. Once you’ve created your question, the page will examine your first question to check that you really know how the questions are phrased.

Answering a question is still simple. At the end of each question that you see, you will be able to locate a field that is ready to answer these questions. The user who wishes to reply is allowed to format the text however he wishes, including formulas in LaTeX. Also, you have the option of answering a question anonymously. Also, if you want to follow up on a question that interests you, you can click the Follow button, so you can follow it in your feed.

The truth is that Quora is very easy to use, its platform is very friendly to understand. There are not many complications, all the options you have been exposed to very clearly and can be located with the naked eye. All you have to do is spend a few minutes on it, follow the process that the same page guides you through, and voila. Starting to ask and answer questions is very simple. Since you know the essentials of this page, do you want to create your username? If you have experience on Quora, let us know how it went and what you use it for.

How to create an account on Quora?

Surely you already know about this page and you may have even wondered how to get an account on it. And it is that it is talked about, especially on Twitter and the proposal it has is very interesting.

The main idea will go far beyond what Formspring was. It could be identified more with Yahoo Answers and its own social network. This because it will work as such, it will continue with topics that are of interest where questions will be asked and answered. All this with a more serious tone and under a well thought out design.

For now, like what happened before with Google services, it can be accessed by invitation, as we mentioned before. But this is not the only way to do it.

The first step that must be done is to enter Quora. Since you searched the page on Google and entered it. You will begin the registration process. On the front page of this social network, you will have three options that will allow you to later become part of the community. These three registration options are Email, Google, or Facebook. Now let’s see what should be done in each of these options.

Registration by mail: first step

In order for you to create a Quora account through your email, you must click on the text that says “sign up with email.” You will find this option under the social buttons.

After having done this, a form will be displayed on the same site. This must be completed with each of the data that is requested, make sure that the necessary answers coincide. You will find these types of questions:

Name: in this box, you must write the name with which you will be known within Quora.

Surname (s): as indicated, in this box, you must enter your surname.

Email: write in this box the email you will use to enter the page. Remember that it must be active and that you can enter it without any problem.

Password: this is the last text box to fill. In it, you must enter the key or password that you will use to enter your Quora account. It is recommended that it be difficult for a third party to write, but that you can remember it and thus avoid having to recover your account by forgetting the password.

Now, you will need to check or cross out the box that is located before the “I’m not a robot” text. After this, you just have to click on the register button.

Register by mail: second step

You’ll see that a new Quora page has loaded. In this, you will be asked to mark ten interests of the options that they will show you, after doing this you must click on the blue button that is in the lower right part. It will say “continue”.

Registration by mail: step three

Since you did the above, a new page will load where you will be invited to mark those languages ​​that you know and practice. You will notice that English will be marked as a suggestion. Pick those you can understand and write, then click the blue button marked “done.”

Now you do have an account! After doing the third step, the access page to your Quora account will appear, which will be ready for you to use. It would only remain that you confirm your account through your email.

Registration by mail: step four

Since you have the account, it only remains to do this last step. It’s just as important, so be sure to do it. This is about confirming your account. In order to do so, you must go to the email address that you indicated in your registration. Open the message they sent you and select the button that says “verify your email address.”

When you do this, you will see that it will redirect you to the access page to your account on Quora and you will be able to see the horizontal green strip above for a few seconds. This will indicate that your account is verified and ready for use.

Registration through Google

The next option that Quora has is to create it by linking with the Google account you have. In order to do this, you must click on the red button that will have the text “continue with Google”.

After doing the previous action, a Google page will open that will allow you to log in. It is here when you must enter the email or phone. Then click on the button titled “next”.

This will refresh the Google page, you will be asked for your Google account password and then you must click on the button that will indicate “next”.

Since you have reached this point, we can say that you created your account by linking it with Gmail. That is why an access page to your Quora account will load, and it will ask you for some information so that you can configure your account.

Keep in mind: it is possible that every time you want to enter Quora, you will be asked to log in to Google with the necessary data.

Sign up to Quora with Facebook

If instead, you want to create an account by linking the Facebook account, you will have to click on the blue button that says “continue with Facebook”.

With this, a Facebook page will open that can allow you to log in. This is where you must enter the email or phone number and the password of the Facebook account itself, in the boxes that were indicated for it. After this, you must click on the blue button that says “enter”.

In this way, you will have already registered on Quora by linking your Facebook account. For that an account access page will be loaded, it is likely that you will be asked for certain things to do the configuration of your account.

How to make money on Quora?

Now let’s talk about how to make money on Quora. Let’s know three different and basic options that you can apply to start generating income:

The first thing will be to be invited to be part of the special Quora program, in it you would be paid directly.

Another example of making money with this page would be using Quora as a social network to generate content from your page and divert traffic to your website, where you earn money by selling a product or advertising.

Use Quora as a platform to generate followers and increase brand recognition, be it personal or professional.

What it takes to make money on Quora

It does not take much to earn money through this platform. It will only be necessary to have an internet connection and a mobile device or computer.

The main thing is to find an area that is of interest to you so that you start sharing the knowledge you have.

You can answer the questions directly from your mobile device if you have the Quora application downloaded. We will delve into this point in a bit.

Time to earn money on Quora

The money you can earn will depend on the method you choose to produce it. There are different ways to make a profit on Quora, so the amount you earn will be unique depending on your case. But, it is possible to earn anywhere from $ 50 to $ 2000 a month, depending on the methods in use.

So, as we told you before, there are different ways to earn money on Quora. It is from generating traffic for your website or online store, working with them by making them pay you to answer questions. We will go into detail with each of the options you have.

Generate traffic for your website, blog, or online store

This page is very popular within Google search results. You have probably already seen a question from them optimally positioning themselves on the internet. This will allow you to earn money by redirecting Quora’s own traffic so that you convert it into the traffic you need on your website, blog or online store.

In order to make money in this way, you will need to have a good strategy when answering questions and posting high-quality responses to readers.

The objective here is that you get a click on the link of your website, in this way you can get good traffic for your website. How can you do this? Make sure that at the end of your answer, you link an entry that is relevant to the topic found on your website. It is also good that you add your website to the profile you have within the social network.

Advice for those who handle SEO: Although the links of this social network are nofollow, you can receive a good number of visits by publishing a link that is striking with the response.

Buddy program: Quora pays for you to answer questions

Without a doubt, this way of making money within the social network is one of the favorites. Quora is very similar to other websites because they earn money when they show ads on each of the pages you have. So by being an approved partner to answer questions, Quora is going to share the advertising revenue with you.

Money can be made by asking and answering questions. The goal is to attract traffic to the web. It is a good way to passively generate money, it is also a good option to obtain income without having a web page. But, the detail is that to be part of the buddy program you need an invitation.

How can I get invited to the Quora buddy program?

Not all Quora users can join the company program. It is by invitation only. What can be confusing is that in the social network the specific criteria will not appear when choosing who to invite to the program and who does not.

But what can be noticed is that Quora is going to invite users who are the most contributors on the platform. This is not going to mean that you need to be an active user, but you should ask a few questions, visit the site frequently and give answers that are valuable.

With this Quora buddy program, you could earn up to $ 2,000 per month by posting questions and providing answers. Quora makes payments through the stripe platform.

Post monetized links

Another way to earn money with quora is by giving helpful answers and adding a link using a shortener. This will make that every time a person visits the link an advertisement will be shown for a few seconds and thus you will earn money passively.

The amount of money that can be earned by this means will always depend on the country in which the link will be opened. For example, for every thousand clicks on motivated links, you will pay $ 1.50. It will depend on the number of links and the visits that you have, it will be possible to earn up to 135 extra dollars passively.

To begin with, you can use different services that will pay you to shorten links such as Adfly. You just have to sign up for their services and add the link to the answers on Quora that are consistent.

Affiliate Quora Marketing

Affiliate marketing works well on Quora. Best of all, you don’t have to sell to make money running affiliate marketing.

There are good benefits to be gained by combining affiliate marketing with helpful answers on Quora. Also, it is easier to find affiliate marketing companies that will be looking to pay to promote products or services.

We recommend that you find questions that are relevant to your affiliate marketing offers. If you can answer questions that relate to web hosting, you can earn income by selling web hosting by posting your affiliate link.

Sell ​​products or services

You can use Quora to sell products or services. There are no limits for you to see. This could be from your own digital course to even working freelance.

For example, you could sell an ebook or course. Publish this book or create your own course, it’s easier than you might think and Quora is going to be a good promotional tool to generate more sales.

Be selected as a sponsored response

There are companies that can sponsor questions on Quora and you would get paid to post answers that are helpful. However, sponsored questions are not very common. The prizes will offer thousands of dollars to those who give the best answer. These will generally range from $ 200 to $ 1,500.

Let’s talk about an example, if there is a company that seeks to compete with Uber, it could end up sponsoring the question, what are the disadvantages of Uber?

As with the other questions found on Quora, the answers to these questions that are sponsored will be completely public, so everyone will benefit, not just the sponsor.

If the company sponsoring the question chooses your answer, you have the option of keeping the money or making a donation to a charity.

Is it realistic to think that you make money with Quora?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your goal of making money online.

If you are just starting to make money or are looking to earn extra money, the Quora company program is ideal for you. Because it is an easy and simple way to earn money. They will pay you to ask and post questions on the web.

The realistic thing, in this case, is to think that you can earn $ 50 for posting 100 questions. So, in theory, the more questions you get posted, the more money you can make. Quora is going to share the advertising income it has with you for a whole year, so it’s a good passive income option.

If you already have some experience making money online, Quora may not be the best option for you. You could have better results by having to use Quora to get more traffic for the website, store, or product you want.

To conclude this point, if it is realistic to earn money on this platform, but keep in mind that there are better ways to earn income when you dedicate yourself to generating money from home.

What are the differences between Quora and Yahoo Answers?

differences between Quora and Yahoo Answers?

Differences between Quora and Yahoo Answers?

There are several relevant differences between these two platforms, here we are going to mention some of them:

Quora requires that you register with your real name, this is why users think twice before answering or asking a question. It is precise because of this that the quality of the content is better. When responding, you also have the option to do so anonymously, but it is difficult to use this option.

The platform will have a much more formal and serious look. That is why the questions and answers will have the same characteristic. And precisely because it is a serious platform, it is aimed at another type of audience. Its goal is to really exchange knowledge and most users will respect that.

Yahoo answer is just one answer of many that are present on the platform at Yahoo, while Quora is going to be dedicated solely to the exchange of knowledge.

For its part, Quora is much more rigid with the users who count, there are filters and moderators who are aware of the content. If you break the rules, you will be excluded from the community, and that is precisely why you can find better quality content.

It is important that you bear in mind that within Quora it is not allowed to copy and paste, otherwise you would be penalized.

How to use Quora in a marketing strategy?

As we mentioned before, on Quora you can show the knowledge you have at certain points. You can also create a good marketing strategy. Let’s start by knowing these two possible scenarios:

You are freelancer

Because you are a freelancer, it is very important that you show the absolute dominance that you have on a point that you develop. It is right here where the public will be most interested in obtaining the knowledge they are looking for from you.

Keep in mind that audiences on Quora are looking for information. He wants knowledge, so you should take advantage of and answer all the questions that are in the area that you fully master.

Within this platform, you can create a blog. Use this tool so that you can show all the knowledge you have to your users. Creating a blog within the page will increase your authority in the area that it develops. But, always remember to interact with other users who have the same interest so that you get to be known.

There are still not many blogs within Quora in Spanish, so you have the easiest way to find an available URL with your keyword. Take advantage of this opportunity and show off.

You are a person who represents a company

Until now, on Quora in Spanish, it is not allowed to create company profiles, this does happen in the English version. But, when you register, you will see that the page invites you to put a credential for your profile, in this you must put what you do, that is, what you develop, are you good, or what you do within the company where you work.

If you choose the last option, you could answer in the name of your company that area in which you develop. Remember to be careful not to make explicit advertising, doing so could be sanctioned.

Whatever the area in which you develop, you can also use this platform to find out what your competition is saying. As well as discovering which are the most commented topics among people who share your area of ​​interest. You can do a marketing study indirectly and detect trends in your sector.

Keep in mind that on this platform you will find a lot of information that you can use to benefit your business.

Now that we have detailed the two starting scenarios, we are going to know some strategies that can be used on Quora. And to do this you must remember step by step what we develop at the point of how to make money within the platform.

Now let’s talk about what will come out of using Quora within your marketing strategy. To do this from apply everything that we have indicated above.

Manage to position your brand as a leader in your sector

As we already know, the function that occurs within the page is basic. It’s about answering and asking questions. The topics are going to vary a lot. Whatever your area of ​​knowledge, you will surely find topics to develop there.

It is for this reason that those who usually answer questions will be considered experts on the subject. So as a result you will have to be a reference for anyone who wants to clear their doubts.

Taking a proper approach to your strategies will lead you to get new leads and sales for your business.

Drive traffic to your website

When answering questions on Quora, include links to your website, sources, or other relevant content. Remember to use a link shortener for this, because on the page the links are nofollows.

Earn mentions in other publications

If you’re lucky, the reach you have with on-page marketing can be extended to other users on this website. Due to a growing number of sites you are posting content on Quora. To give you an example, there are many articles on Forbes.com that originally appeared with Quora.

Personal branding strategy on Quora

Quora certainly has a lot of potentials when it comes to a powerful marketing tool for your personal brand. When this is done correctly you can achieve a lot of traffic and leads. But now let’s get to know seven tips that will make your strategies work.

Make the most of your profile

Before you start answering any questions, make sure you take the time to complete your profile. When doing so, keep in mind that the first 50 characters of your profile will be included with the responses you give. So if you want your personal brand to stand out, be sure to include your keyword or feature that you want to boost or your blog’s name in these characters.

An example of what we are talking about that Juan Acosta, from IMPACTO, uses in the header of his profile to mention his company and what he does. When the answers you give appear in user content, it is automatically known that you are the CEO of an agency and its name, so users will go looking for more information.

In addition to this, you want to take advantage of what the page will allow users to include links in their profiles. Make sure to apply this.

In a short paragraph explaining who you are and why readers should take you into account. Then put links to the projects in which you have been involved. Include those places where you want to direct traffic.

By filling out the credentials and awards section. Achievements should not be summarized here, but any education or experience relevant to the questions you are answering should be included.

Add relevantly “know about” topics

Although filling out the know about section is technically part of having your complete profile, it will serve a purpose that goes beyond showing your qualities. As the name implies, this section is going to show all the topics you know.

The topics you include here will help you get relevant questions for you to answer. When you edit this section, you can start searching for keywords and topics that are related to your industry. Then you will see how many users will subscribe to each of these topics.

To have an example of what we talk about, you can search for content marketing within the platform. This keyword will have 150 thousand active users on this topic. This means that if you wrote a popular response within this same category, you could expect a lot of traffic.

So when you decide to add these words to the “know about” section. You are now ready to write answers and see the list of questions that will directly relate to this topic.

This will make it simple to get to the questions that need to be answered. And unless you don’t necessarily have to focus solely on many subscribers, writing multiple responses on popular topics will help you get more exposure on the site.

Keep this in mind when you complete this section on your profile, so you could do it in less time by searching for questions that are relevant to other users.

Use the Quora ad platform to find questions

If you want to spend the time it takes to write helpful responses, Quora is a great way to drive traffic to your website. However, it is not always easy to know how much traffic to expect when answering a question.

Luckily, the platform has tools that will be able to help you make these estimates more accurate. It should come as no surprise that since it is one of the most visited sites on the internet, Quora has advertising options. These options are very useful when it comes to getting traffic off the platform.

Aaron Doherty, Director of Leads Acquisitions at Wordstream, explains this: It’s a new source of intent. Although Adwords is still considered the best source of high intention leads, it is not going to be left behind. Just because the content is made by users, with responses occurring in real-time, this makes it an extremely exciting place for marketers.

Even if you are not ready yet to launch a campaign that is paid, you can still use the ad platform to find new questions and obtain an estimate of its power.

First, you will need to create an Ad account on the page and set up a dummy campaign. The same platform will allow companies to focus their ads in different ways.

If one of these questions is relevant to your experience and there is a high volume of weekly visits. This would be a perfect opportunity for a new answer to be written. In this case, you must click on the link to go directly to that question. Then save it to a list for future use or start writing an answer right away.

Select questions that are relevant to your target audience

When choosing answers to answer, it’s easy to get caught up in your quest to determine which one is close to your experience and related interests. And it is these characteristics that are directly related to the questions and needs that the audience has, it is the best that could happen.

However, selecting the correct questions will usually require more time. This is because when it comes down to it, the main goal of your content marketing strategy will be to generate leads.

Being able to write an answer that is useful and complete is going to take time. And to make that time worthwhile, the strategy must generate leads for the business or personal brand. That can only happen if you dedicate yourself to answering the questions that your target audience is wanting to know. And of course, although it sounds very obvious. It is important to note that potential clients are likely to have questions from different experts in the same industry.

Let’s talk about an example, suppose it is a counter. You may be qualified enough to ask complex questions about changes in tax regulations, accounting technology, etc. While peers in this industry might have interesting answers, you need to consider whether your potential customers are going to see it this way too. Remember that these are always going to be more important than your competition.

Of course, answering some tricky questions can help you establish a reputation within the platform’s present community.

However, unless the questions your audience is asking are answered, you may not be adding real value to the business. This is why our example of the accountant is going to mean that your time will be better spent answering questions that are simple in terms of salary and tax issues.

Although these answers do not fully show knowledge, they will be more effective in bringing the company or personal brand to potential customers. This, in the end, is going to have a greater impact on the achievement of marketing goals, such as the generation of leads. So before you have time to write an answer, you should make sure that this question has the potential to achieve the results you want.

How to delete a Quora account?

The process of deleting a Quora account is very simple. To do so, you will only have to follow these steps that we will tell you about.

Before starting the process to delete or deactivate your Quora account, it is essential that you have the account you want to delete or deactivate open session. For that, you just have to enter your account.

To do this it is important that you know that by deleting your profile from Quora, all the content that is related to your account will be automatically deleted. Except for the questions, you got to ask.

As with other social networks, for example, Twitter if what is preferred is to deactivate the account, instead of deleting it, you also have the opportunity.

If you want to cancel your Quora account you can do it without any inconvenience. What you should do is go to the Delete account option, this will be found in the privacy setting. After this, you must click for the process to finish.

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