What is Hoverboard?



We can define the  hoverboard  as an electric scooter lacking a handlebar and a seat, only needing to ride on top of it, exerting a slight forward lean to move forward and recovering the neutral position to slow down.


Self-balancing technology, various sensors that are equipped, its internal motor and above all a gyroscope with which we will direct our weight through our feet.

Hoverboards carry two wheels, which depends on the power of the engine, they will vary from 6 to 10 inches. The power, mentioned above, can range from 10 km / h those focused mainly on children up to a maximum of 20 km / h.


Depending on the characteristics and components of the we find mainly two types of hoverboard :

  • Urban hoverboard : Based on this type we must highlight, above all, the dimensions of the wheels. On an urban hoverboard the size of the wheels will not be as prominent and they will be designed for terrain without many irregularities.


  • Off-road hoverboard : In contrast to the urban one, the wheels will be equipped with a larger size, also having greater power and probably some damping, making it suitable for off-road use .


  • Hoverboard for children or children’s Hoverboard : It is necessary to identify this type of skates if we are thinking of acquiring one for a child. It should be noted that there are alternatives on the market aimed at children, adapting power, autonomy, and speed for the little ones.

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Mainly characterized by being a  cheap electric scooter , given its lower power, autonomy and lack of components, which make it a perfect candidate if you want an economical means of transport without traveling long distances.

But how much is it going to cost me? The cheapest hoverboards are priced at around € 139, while the high-end hoverboards can cost around € 650. Even so, the large amount that can be found in the market makes them adapt to the needs of anyone.

The cheapest electric scooter par excellence . Its quality – price makes it very attractive.


The Hoverboard is a very versatile device to which accessories can be attached to increase its functionalities and capabilities. These are some of the best accessories :

  • Protective covers: Protect from bumps and scratches, usually made of silicone.
  • Handlebars for hoverboard: They allow to control the vehicle more comfortably.
  • Transport bag: Given its compact size, any backpack will serve as a parking space.
  • Kart seat: They are perfect if you still don’t have much practice or you lack some balance.

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Before buying a hoverboard, we advise you to consider a series of steps. To make your purchase as satisfactory as possible:

  • Check that it has a safety certificate that guarantees the reliability of its components.


  • Consider whether it is to move around the city or if it is to move on unpaved terrain. One decision or another will be affected by the size of the wheels and the suspension of the device.


  • Check the maximum weight capacity they can support. If it is for a child there will be no problem, but if it is for an adult it is convenient to make sure.


  • Check its compatibility to attach accessories.


  • If they have some type of lighting in case you move in low light conditions, the better.


  • Better to prioritize the preceding points that for example have the possibility of playing music or have bluethooh.


  • Check the weight of the vehicle, its dimensions and its materials to see if you can transport it easily.


  • If it is to be used as the main vehicle to move around the city, take into account its range and speed.

If you have decided to buy one, we leave you a comparative table of the 6 best hoverboards on the market

We also leave you an analysis of the hoverboard with the best quality-price that you can find today the BEBK Hoverboard




Currently many shopping centers and specialty stores sell this class of vehicles.

Below we will detail each of these stores and what hoverboards they offer.


Amazon is probably the most popular place to buy a hoverboard .

The American giant offers a great catalog and very competitive prices, to which we have to add the great infrastructure that it has, when it comes to shipments or warranty for example.

Among the large catalog of manufacturers that we have on Amazon we highlight the cheapest hoverboard that has a price of € 135. On the contrary, for the most expensive model we can go up to € 638.

It is not necessary to comment much on the great popularity of Amazon and all that it can offer us. As for hoverboards, we highlight its large catalog and great variety of prices as manufacturers.

You can find the best Amazon hoverboards at this link .


The French multinational offers all kinds of hoverboards and different accessories, including covers or protection elements.

The price catalog is varied and when buying a hoverboard the prices range between € 109.90 for the cheapest and € 450 for the most expensive model .

The great variety that Carrefour offers us and at the same time the wide range that it makes available to us make it an ideal place to buy a hoverboard.


As it could not be otherwise, the Media Markt chain also offers a great variety of hoverboards as well as accessories to match this vehicle.

Regarding its catalog and its prices, we highlight the cheapest hoverboard that we can find, with a starting price of € 169. In contrast, the most expensive model is priced at € 459.

The particularity that Media Markt offers us compared to the competition is its wide variety of manufacturers. Among those that stand out for example Kawasaki.

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