What is a Mobile Command Center?  

A mobile command center is designed to be transported to any location where it is needed and typically includes a wide variety of equipment geared toward police, fire, or medical emergencies. Its primary purpose is for communication and the ability to coordinate support between other crews.

The first mobile command centers were created in the 1970s, but innovations since then have created new methods of operation. In addition, the technology of mobile command centers can be a little overwhelming, so we’ll focus on the basics.

What is a Mobile Command Center?

A Mobile Command Center is a type of communications center designed to travel from one emergency site to another. With today’s technology, there are more options than ever for communication. Mobile command centers usually include some type of radio and satellite communication capabilities.

Some may also have specialized equipment, such as a water sensor or chemical agent detector, to aid in response efforts. Another common feature is a vehicle-mounted video camera for use during an emergency. These command centers are typically large vehicles, such as a semi-trailer. They can, however, also be a smaller vehicle that is more versatile.

They are used to provide coordination and communication when there are multiple responders on the scene of an emergency. They are also a force multiplier that speeds up the response time of crews and helps them reach accidents or medical emergencies to provide aid. With all of their equipment and communication devices, Mobile command centers can easily exceed the weight limit for commercial vehicles. To avoid this, they are often broken into two or more vehicles.

How Do Mobile Command Centers Work?

Mobile command centers are designed to fit in with the needs of a specific situation. This can range from a vehicle that is all about communication to one that has special emergency equipment. The most common models are semi-trailers that have a flat, level platform.

There is one big difference between a mobile command center and other vehicles on the scene. Communication is a major component of mobile command centers, so they are designed to be set up in record time.

All of the equipment that is needed for the command center can be installed within a short time. This can include radio equipment, satellite communication, and normal vehicle lighting. With this equipment, personnel can be properly set up with a wide array of communication options and supplies within minutes.

Besides just communication, mobile command centers are also used to store tools or supplies. This is especially helpful for extended disasters that require crews to be at the site for days.


Mobile command centers are designed to be portable. They can either be operated by a crew of two or more or used by a single person. Using a mobile command center allows one to use standard parts and equipment. This can save time when other components are not available in a disaster. There is also less risk of breakdown or damage.

Mobile command centers are still considered relatively new. There is no set rule for what type of vehicle they should have or how many should be used. They are simply a tool that can be used to provide the best communication and response time possible.

Uses of a Mobile Command Center

A mobile command center is an important tool to have when disaster strikes. It can provide communication for multiple responders and equipment that can be relied upon in any situation.

During Emergencies

They can be a base of operations for a specific response and being used at the main site. These vehicles are usually set up within minutes and can provide communication to police, fire, and medical crews. They also serve as a base of operations for damage assessment and to coordinate the response.

For example, when a tornado occurs, and multiple emergency response agencies are called out, they could all be located around the mobile command center. Then, in a few minutes, the officers can be dispatched to their proper location. These vehicles are also designed for safety. They can be equipped with fire-resistant materials and a fire suppression system.

Medical Assistance

Communication is the most important aspect when it comes to being able to provide good medical care. Sometimes doctors and nurses need to work together and consult with each other about their patients. This makes communication extremely important.

During an active emergency, some hospital staff needs to be working on taking care of patients while others keep the scene safe. This can be a difficult thing to coordinate. These vehicles allow medical personnel to view the area better and quickly communicate with each other. In many cases, operating rooms are also used as mobile command centers.

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