What are the types of hosting on the market and what is a good fit for you

What are the types of hosting on the market and what is a good fit for you

What are the types of hosting on the market and what is a good fit for you

When launching a website, you are probably thinking about the content, design, and other features. However, no one could actually access the website without the web hosting.

Choosing a proper provider or hosting plan can be a challenging task for site owners. So, let’s discuss the type of hosting and what can be suitable for your needs. To get more information on this topic you can check https://www.hostzealot.de/.

Types of web hosting

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is considered to be one of the most popular ones on the market. The whole concept is in the sharing of one server among different users. So technically lots of websites can be hosted on one machine.

Despite the fact that the server is called shared, your space could not be reached by others and no one can access your data and files. The major benefit is affordable price.

As for the security and performance characteristics, this option will be ideal for small platforms with a number of visitors no more than 1,000 per day. The security level is really high, but you can optimize the system to get even higher safety characteristics.

The only drawback is that you are using the server together with others, and you cannot be sure about the activity of your neighbors and whether or not it will influence your site’s performance later on.

Shared hosting is an ideal variant for beginners. By choosing the right provider you can launch a small site with minimal traffic and then upgrade your hosting plan as your audience grows.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server has a higher performance rate and is a more customization option than shared hosting. This type includes one server and several individual and isolated units for the websites.

VPS is a fully secured choice with good performance. In addition, there might be options where users can configure VPS and get all the needed resources. Each website is fully isolated, so there won’t be any threats from the neighbors on the physical server.

There can be managed and unmanaged plans depending on the chosen provider. With the managed plan all the technical tasks will be done by the provider.

Configuration of VPS requires some technical skills, so it will be a great choice for more experienced users who are searching for higher customization. Users are getting full control, but they don’t need to overspend and purchase a dedicated server.

Dedicated Hosting

All the above-discussed hosting plans are shared variants, and if you want your own server, then dedicated hosting is a perfect option for you. It is the most expensive variant, but you are getting lots of benefits.

When choosing a dedicated hosting, you are getting full control over a server, and the hosting provider only houses it. A dedicated server offers stability, high speed, and security. Users who choose this option usually have high-traffic websites that cannot function properly on VPS or shared hosting.

As obvious, the only disadvantage of this plan is its price. This is a rather expensive variant so only users with a higher budget can consider it as a choice.

Alternative types of hosting

Except for the mentioned variants, there are some other hosting plans to consider. Among them, we can specify cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and reseller hosting.

Cloud solutions will be ideal for those users who prefer setting up their configuration and need high scalability. Also, due to the built-in redundancy, users should not bother about information loss or downtime. Those clients who have no experience with server configuration will hardly appreciate this choice. As for the price range of this option, it is variable either really low or incredibly high.

WordPress hosting has a managed service, and you can easily access one-click installs and free plugin licenses. This option is only suitable for WordPress users and in such a way it obviously limits the accessibility of other platforms.

Reseller hosting perfectly suits those companies that are connected with website building and design. The clients of such companies usually have no experience with hosting and web providers can help in such a way.

Summing up

The choice of a reliable web provider and appropriate hosting plan is an important foundation for the success of any website. It creates such a level of comfort when you don’t need to worry that your platform will stop functioning because of technical issues.

If you are searching for professional hosting, then pay attention to uptime, technical support, and high-performance rates. A variability of hosting plans also shows that the company cares about the client’s needs. Just choose a suitable plan and you will be surprised how easy it is to host a site with a qualified team of experts that will take care of all the possible issues.