What are several virtual team building activities?

Several organizations have developed a team of virtual workers scattered all across the globe. Thus, we’ve created this article on the top 21 virtual team-building activities companies may incorporate into meetings or conferences. Team-building activities online engage remote working teams and strengthen employee relationships. Before we discuss fun games to play, it is important to highlight the many benefits of remote work practices.

Many remote workers complain that they never participate in exciting events. The good news is that virtual team-building activities are simple to put together and are effective.

Now that you understand the significance of good virtual team building activities, here are some of the best remote team building activities available to help your team connect positively.

1)    Making Beer in a Private Setting- With Master the Brew’s Private Beer Making Experience, the team will become brewers for the day in the comfort of their own home. With no prior knowledge and live guided guidance from an expert brewer, zoom meeting through 90 minutes of team building fun. The experience arrives with the machinery and ingredients to brew a complete beer, shipped straight to concerned participants’ door. They can additionally work with you to design a customized label with a team beer recipe.

2)    Personality Test- You can develop a creative team-building exercise that teaches teams how to work together effectively. Each person is given a profile and is given the option of taking up to six different personality tests to supplement their study. They can also fill out parts on their ideal working habits to show how they perform best.

3)    Virtual City Tour- You can also try a very fun activity of having a local show around any famous city through Zoom. With the help of GoPro it can be live streamed while riding a bike around the beautiful streets. They can get to visit all of the major attractions and even get to see their office. This type of operation can be found all over the world on Airbnb Experiences.

4)    Pictionary- Give your team bonding and communication skills a boost with Pictionary. There are various online sites available. All you have to do is to create a room, add members and they are ready to rock. There are 5-6 rounds in total, in each round a word is given to each member turn by turn. The members have to draw something related to that word given to him while other members have to make guesses. The one who makes quick guesses wins.

5)    Something in Common- Something in Common, a competition that inspires your remote workers to learn more about each other, is one of the fastest virtual team bonding games you can play. Assign the participants to small groups for this game, and then ask each group to describe the three most special items they have in common. If you choose to do several rounds, remove large categories like movies, books, and food to make the interactive activity more difficult.

6)    Two Truths and One Lie- One of the most famous virtual team building games is Two Truths and One Lie. The activity is ideal for conference calls because all you need is a stable WiFi link and a little deception. Allow each participant two minutes to plan two truths and one lie for the remote work version. Have each participant share three facts and try to figure out which one is a lie. For this game, you don’t need to keep track of points because the fun is in learning about each other. Two Truths and One Lie is a fun drink-related virtual game.

7)    Healthy Lifestyle Challenge- During quarantine, a monthly Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is even more relevant. One month’s challenge could be to drink a certain amount of water per day, while another month’s challenge could be to engage in a “action of choice.” There are numerous virtual challenge options. You will keep track of your Healthy Lifestyle Challenge’s success.

The process of forming bonds and teamwork skills with remote workers is known as virtual team building. Team building exercises for conference calls, as well as scheduling virtual team meetings, are examples of these initiatives. The aim of these activities is to develop communication and teamwork skills while also increasing work satisfaction and commitment.

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