Virtual connections are going to be the new normal – Marathi

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has not only caused an unprecedented health crisis at the global level but also impacted world trade, economic ventures and most importantly, physical connections and communication between people. While governments and businesses have complied with related health guidelines, exacting social distancing norms, and limited physical interactions between citizens, families, and company employees; the key challenge in the past 2 years has been making a smooth, accessible and profiting transfer of such connections and relationships from the real world to the virtual. 

The need for richly developed and authentic online platforms has never been higher. Many new services by diverse companies have greatly helped people endure this transformation and come out all the better from it. Maintaining social distance may have isolated us from our friends and wider communities, but humans have found a way to stay connected in the face of such crisis. Virtual connections are becoming the new normal and our increasing exposure to them because of the continuing nature of the pandemic has gradually increased their appeal. If we look at all the advantages and opportunities that such services offer, then their degree of integration into our everyday lives certainly emerges as no surprise. 

~The variety of options that they offer.

Today, a miscellaneous range of apps and services are enabling virtual communication. There are instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, video conferencing and social media applications. Such services have not only improved personal life but also done a good job at workplaces. More and more organizations are embracing any latest technology as long as it boosts their communication systems and productivity in the end.

For instance, Bobble AI is enriching daily conversations in India with its diverse products including Marathi typing keyboard, Malayalam keyboard, and Indic keyboard etc. WhatsApp announced in mid-February 2020 on its blog that the messaging app is now actively used by over 2 billion people worldwide, while Instagram has as much as 1 billion users. A huge following there, no doubts! 

~Increased productivity

Technology that enables remote connectivity and instant communication is bound to be at the forefront here. When digital communication allows the user to convey their emotions accurately and as richly as possible and pick up conversational cues from the person on the other end with the help of effective digital tools, many organizations see their productivity increase. 

The new normal of digital correspondences has been extremely powerful in 2020 and continued into 2021 because of the simple fact that ‘work from home’ is no longer a strange concept and has entered the mainstream with headstrong appeal and satisfaction. In a survey by Enterprise Technology Research of the more than 1,000 CIOs, 48.6% reported that productivity has improved since workers began working remotely during the pandemic.

~They make most of us better communicators.

The various conversation media platforms out there are providing us with the tools and services we need to convey our motives, emotions and feelings with ingenuity and purpose passionately. Virtual group meetings, instant messaging, sharing documents, team collaborations, AI based word prediction, transliteration etc. have made us better able to interpret intentions as well as express ourselves the way we want with no miscommunications and hindrances.

Take for example, the recent achievement of the one of the world’s most powerful conversation media platforms! Bobble AI launched its special Marathi keyboard in 2020 for Marathi speakers with an intense assortment of features that may just permit virtual connections to rival physical ones in the lives of more than 72 million people who speak the language as their mother tongue. It is the fastest and latest Marathi input tool for Android which allows users to text in Marathi by either typing Marathi or by using Bobble’s Marathi Keyboard as English to Marathi Translator. 

From emojis, animated stickers, exceptionally equipped auto-correct, automated word prediction for local phrases in the language, commendable speech-to-text support to personalized cartoon avatars, stickers and GIFs, Bharat’s Marathi keyboard download  has surfaced as a pioneer in overcoming India’s local communication challenges in an age and time where forming digital connections is a sure path to development, community and global attachment.

~Spreading individuality virtually and forming more meaningful connections.

The process of communication and the way it is exchanged, the form in which it is received and sent are highly customizable considering specific needs and requirements of the end users. The personalization features are becoming one of the biggest hallmarks and takeaways as far as various forms of online communications are concerned. Complimenting connections with personalities and feelings instead of discussing abstract matters can go a long way in developing healthy relationships between friends, family, and colleagues, and that’s what virtual platforms are the best at. 

Sending dedicated emojis of Bappa on Ganesh Chaturthi to your family, sharing jokes and Shayari in Marathi or getting your own personalized stickers and GIFs with Bobble’s Marathi keyboard is the immediate method to celebrate your virtual relationships contently and hilariously. 

~Communicate on your terms. 

Different virtual communication software allows you to pass across whatever information you have from wherever you are, it allows companies to cut on additional operational costs for employees and the flexible and instantaneous results of virtual communications motivate people to engage more with their friends while indulging in a satisfactory and beneficial conversation. People can form connections globally, broaden their outlook and perspective on various matters by befriending others who might have opinions different than their own and be more participative in world affairs and happenings. If we look around, we certainly will come across many instances where there are thousands of online communities of likeminded people or people with the same stakes in mind. This is incredibly unique and possible on such a large extent only because of online communication.

For example, maybe you want to interact more with people who speak Marathi across the entirety of India and be more involved in a larger community which shares your origins and preferences, well Bobble AI will certainly help you with those where physical circumstances won’t!

The way we communicate is an ever-transforming discipline. Each new technological development brings new channels and new opportunities for individuals to disperse and consume data and socialize on the Internet. Overall, with the uptake in virtual communication methods rapidly increasing, it’s clear that the traditional physical meetings have lost momentum and popularity by a long shot. The freedom and windows of opportunity that digital connections between people offer in the form of expressive messaging, wider reach, reliability, and trustworthiness of digital tools etc. has contributed to making them a primary part of people’s lives in socializing and forming friendships.  





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