Unlock PDF Files In Seconds Using PDFBear!



One of the most impressive benefits of using a PDF format is its ability to encrypt a password for every document that you will save. It can keep the privacy and confidentiality of your files. It is also the best option if you need to ensure that only a few numbers of people can access your document, especially for paper works that involve sensitive personal information.

However, the downside of this is the ability of the user to remember their passwords. Let’s admit it, there are a few instances where you can not even remember the password on your phone, right? This can also happen for PDF files, and it is probably one of the most frustrating things that will happen to you. So, to make sure that this will not happen to anyone else, you have the option to remove those passwords. Luckily, there is an easy way for you to unlock PDF files using PDFBear. 

Unlock PDF feature of PDFBear

In as easy as four simple steps, you can conveniently unlock your PDF documents. You don’t need to install any software as everything can be done online. So, take out the sticky notes where you saved the password and access the PDFBear website. Here are the steps:

Steps to unlock PDF files

  1. Once you are already on their website, click on Choose Files, and select the file that you want to unlock. You can also drag and drop the file on the box provided. 
  2. Enter the password that you used to secure the file.
  3. Click on the link that says Unlock PDF.
  4. The online tool will start the processing of removing the password on your file. Once ready, all you need to do is to download it for free. 

When to use PDFBear unlock feature

The best time to use this online tool is when you want to remove the password on your PDF file. You want to make sure that your private files are secured at all times. However, there are instances when you don’t need the password anymore.

This is where PDFBear comes in handy. All you need to do is to use their free online system, and you will be able to remove the password on your PDF file. Take note that removing the password means giving access to everyone who will have a copy of the document. Hence, it’s ideal to weigh if you must do it. 

What to know more about PDFBear?

A high-tech online platform for PDF conversion and other PDF maintenance, PDFBEar is one of the trusted websites when it comes to these functions. Here are some factors that you can take note of.

  • PDFBear is highly compatible with all devices and operating systems. Therefore, regardless if you are using a Mac or a Windows computer, you can easily convert, split, merge, and unlock PDF files on their website. Furthermore, it’s also accessible through mobile devices for both iOS and Android. All you need to do is access their website through a browser and you can start using it.
  • PDFBear values your privacy and security as much as you value yours. They make sure that your files and computers are protected from malicious malware and viruses once you use their platforms. All the information that a user input on the website is only accessible by them
  • PDFBear promises swift processing of your tasks. Regardless of the feature or services that you want to use, the conversion time should not be more than 2 minutes. However, this can also vary depending on the accessibility of your Internet connection.
  • PDFBear is compatible with the majority of PDF files. However, some files may not be unlocked due to various reasons. One of which is the validity of the password. If you are using an incorrect password, you may not be able to unlock your file. It is to ensure that only an authorized person can decrypt the file.
  • PDFBear is using superior cloud technology. Because of this, you will have access to their features and services all the time. It also caters to the convenience of processing your requests in no time. You can be sure that PDFBear will be able to address your concern in the fastest way possible.

Unlock a PDF file today!

If you are looking for other options to unlock your PDF file, you can still choose to use regular processing. First is by using Adobe Acrobat User Password. It’s a paid software that you can install on your computer where a user login is required. You can use this tool if you are the creator of the file and would want to remove the password. The second is by using Google Chrome. This is a little technical process where you have to re-save an existing protected PDF file through the Print function. Nevertheless, either of the two can also be helpful.

But if you want to use reliable software that allows you to unlock a PDF file in no time, it’s better to use PDFBear. It’s fast, convenient, and it’s free. Try it today!

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