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techKnowing your audience

Before doing anything, it is important to first know your audience. Video is a powerful tool when it comes to fostering an emotional connection with the audience. You need to know the desires, needs, and the taste of your audience first.

To get started, make sure you have a buyer persona. This is a document that describes your ideal customer using pre-established norms. When you have a buyer persona, you are forced to ask the right questions and find the right answers. Those with enough resources and time can use surveys or real-life interviews to get even more information. If you don’t have it, you can still use the internet. Visit the profiles of your target on social media platforms and see the types of videos they are liking, not liking, sharing, and more. You will learn a lot about your audience by researching about them. Invest time and effort and you are going to learn a lot about them in no time.

Defining your goals

One video is not going to do everything. While you can succeed at this through the best concept, you still need to define what you plan to do with the video, then start working. Do you want more followers on social media? Are you looking to increase traffic to your site? Do you want to increase your brand prestige and recall? There are many possibilities, and it is important to determine your goal so you can adapt your format and messaging to meet it. Before you make a video, define your goals first.

Creating a script and thinking about the technical requirements

There isn’t a magic formula for making a viral video, and there are many videos that have gone viral out of nowhere without the creator preparing them. You have to put pen to paper and start thinking. Plan it out in detail with shots, dialogues, and timestamps. More information is good because it is going to result in less room for improvising, which is going to save you time and money.

It is also a good idea to think about the technical requirements needed. This will include cameras, photography backdrops, professional LED ring light, film crew, and microphones. Are you going to need a voiceover? You need to think about all these because it is going to affect the quality of the video. Most people watch videos from their phones, and you don’t have to stress about resolution, especially when you don’t have that many resources. If you want to give it a try, then use whatever you have.

Thinking about distribution channels

There are many channels you can use when disseminating videos. The primary channel to do this is social media. YouTube is the perfect video platform to use because it has more than two billion active users. If you’re looking to create engaging intros for your YouTube videos, consider using an intro maker for YouTube to add a professional touch and capture your audience’s attention from the start. Research has shown that the most popular videos have an average length of three minutes (you need to have this in mind when making your videos). The most popular age bracket is from 16 to 35 because people tend to go for TV as they get older. By leveraging YouTube and incorporating captivating intros, you can enhance the appeal of your videos and attract a wider audience across different age groups.

Facebook favors even shorter videos, with the most popular being between 21 and 44 seconds. If you choose to use Facebook, you are going to see the most success by uploading the videos directly instead of sharing a YouTube link. Video is the most shared content format, which makes it easier to go viral on Facebook.

Instagram introduced Instagram TV to allow users to share videos that were more than one minute long. This is going to give users more flexibility, but the primary feature is the 15-second stories. You can succeed using stories provided you nail down your message and make it attractive within the timeframe.

Videos and SEO go together: optimizing videos

SEO is an important aspect of content marketing because it covers everything from written text to videos. You should take your time and research the related keywords of the topic you are about to make a video for. Find out the terms and hashtags they are more likely to use when searching for similar content. Have these terms in the final cut. With unlimited video editing available you can get your video just right. You also need to take care of the meta description and URL if need be. SEO is a must.

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