Top Fashion Game Apps For Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10

Looking for fashion games? Look no more! 

Fashion is a universe in itself. People, especially women, love pursuing fashion. But again, it’s not limited to the female world. Men are equally fashionable today. You would hardly see a man walking on the streets of New York out of style. If you know how to dress up, how to hold your bag and how to conduct yourself at a posh party, you are a member of the fashionable society.

Fashion is no longer just about shopping, it has also begun gaining capitals in the gaming world. On high demands from the feminine gamers, the gaming industry left no stone unturned to fulfil each word they uttered. So, it’s true. Women are no longer confined to clicker and puzzle games. They are out there, ready to compete with the world in gaming as well. Not to forget, women are also massively beating up guys in action games in the online gaming zones. But, that is a topic for another day. Today is about fashion. So, getting back, fashion has also touched the gaming industry and you can very much find dressing and other fashion games online. I have played and enjoyed pretty much every game that came my way. I have curated a list of the top fashion game apps for Windows 10 that I liked the best.

  1. BFF High School Fashion

If you don’t know it already, BFF stands for best friend forever. It’s something every high-school student that you know must have. The characters Natalie, Katie and Cindy are the famous butterflies in the fictional high-school in BFF High School Fashion game app. The character you would be has to bring out the best of her fashion sense to dress up and try befriending these popular girls. The game brings you many dresses, shoes, bags, etc to dress yourself up. On successful completion of the task, you get invited to many glamorous parties.

  1. Fashion Shopping Mall

Fashion Shopping Mall is more than just a fashion game. It’s a challenge to rebuild the shopping mall which has been destroyed by a jealous competitor. He came, destroyed the mall and took away all the money. The public now fortunately has the blueprint. With that they have to rebuild the mall and equip it with brands and accessories.

  1. Elsa Fashion

Inspired from the animated movie, Frozen, Elsa Fashion is a game where you get the opportunity to dress up the queen herself. Anna, Elsa’s little sister encourages her to participate in a fashion show. It’s for a good cause. They want to help the snowman from melting. You can dress her up with the prettiest of gowns and accessories. Dress her well, and not much. She’s a queen, so the gamer has to take care of her dignity as well.

Final Words 

These are the top 3 fashion game apps that are available to download on Windows 10 PC. Try each of them and let us know which one of the games you liked the best.

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