Top 5 Mobile Phone Providers in USA

Mobile Phone Providers in USA

Mobile Phone Providers in USA

Mobile phone services have become a necessity rather than a luxury these days for someone who is over 15. The reason behind that is they have to stay connected to their college fellows, teachers, colleagues, mentors, or even managers and bosses regarding work. Moreover, smartphones make it easy for them to perform many of their tasks. With that take, having a good mobile service provider is also very important.

That is because having a good service provider increases the chances of wider coverage and availability of services even in remote areas. Moreover, they can offer great value for the money with a variety of plans and usage options. In case you choose a service provider that is not good, you might not get service when you are away from the city, or that provider might charge you a lot of money every month for the services that might not even be worth it. If you need a good mobile service provider that has great coverage and offers low-cost plans, here is a list of the top 5 mobile phone service providers in the USA that might be able to offer you what you are looking for.

5 Best Mobile Phone Providers in the USA

These top 5 mobile service providers in the USA are widely available and offer plan options that suit customer’s needs. Moreover, these are the ones that have greater 5G coverage compared to other mobile phone service providers. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Spectrum

Spectrum Mobile is a mobile phone service that is available only for current Spectrum internet customers or people who are looking to sign-up for internet services as well along with their mobile phone services. The one thing that makes Spectrum a better choice is the low-price for unlimited plans despite the number of lines a customer gets. People can get an unlimited data plan that also offers nationwide unlimited calling and texting (including Mexico & Canada) for just $45 per line per month. This is the lowest price for mobile services if you are looking to have just one or two lines. Moreover, Customers can get other plans where they have to pay only for the amount of data they use per month. That plan costs $14 per Gig of data used whereas the number of devices can be more than 1 with this plan. You can find more details about Spectrum plans by visiting

Also, service availability is not an issue as Spectrum is an MVNO and uses Verizon Mobile’s network – which is the nation’s biggest network for mobile services.

  1. T-Mobile

If you are concerned about having 5G coverage and are looking to have multiple lines for the mobile services for you and your family, T-Mobile is the service provider that should be on top of your list. It has the biggest 5G network that is currently serving hundreds of cities and various states. Moreover, T-Mobile offers various pre-paid and post-paid mobile plans with different price options and data limits. For those looking for unlimited data plans, T-Mobile offers 3 major plans; Essentials, Magenta, and Magenta Plus, that start from $26, $35, and $43 per line every month if customers get 4 lines with any of these plans. In case you are interested in getting less than 4 lines, the price per line will go up as per your choice of the number of lines.

With Magenta and Magenta Plus, T-Mobile also offers benefits such as a free Netflix subscription, Gogo inflight texting and data, and unlimited international data. So, if you are interested in any of these perks, you can sign-up for these plans. Otherwise, Essentials is considered a great mobile plan with unlimited data.

  1. Verizon

As previously mentioned, Verizon has the crown for having America’s largest LTE mobile service network and offers services to millions of people nationwide. Moreover, the 5G coverage is also available in many cities while Verizon is working on expanding its 5G network to offer services to more people. Regarding plans, Verizon offers 5 unlimited plans for elders and kids that offer different perks such as access to mobile hotspots, Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN+ subscriptions, and much more. Also, all the mobile plans offer unlimited calling and texting to all states, including Canada & Mexico.

These plans start at $35 per month per line for the Start Unlimited plan, where the customer gets 4 lines. Other plans such as Play More, Do More and Get More cost higher than that. And in case the number of lines is less than four then the price would be additional bucks which depend upon the number of lines.

  1. Xfinity

Xfinity mobile is also an MVNO working through Verizon’s network that offers mobile services for Comcast/ Xfinity customers. With this provider, customers can get an unlimited mobile data plan for $45 per month for every line they get. Moreover, they also have the option to get a plan where they pay based on data used. That plan costs $15 per month for every Gig of data used per month.

Just like Spectrum, Xfinity Mobile is also a great choice for those who are looking for limited mobile lines. However, if you are looking to get multiple lines for you and your family, then you should consider getting T-Mobile or Verizon plans which will cost you lower than Xfinity.

  1. AT&T

AT&T plan pricing is somewhat similar to what Verizon offers, with its basic plan starting at $35 per month per line if customers get 4 lines. If there are 5 lines, then customers get an additional discount and get the same plan for $30 per line. Moreover, there are other unlimited plans available that offer more data limits before throttling your speeds and perks such as HBO max subscription with the Unlimited Elite Plan.

Moreover, AT&T offers additional discounts to veterans, nurses, teachers, and first responders to appreciate their efforts. There is also a plan for a fixed $40 per month per line and offers 4GB data per line. However, compared to other providers, this plan is pretty expensive despite offering a specific figure for monthly charges.

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