Tools to Make Your Multiple Monitor Setup More Beautiful



There is nothing new in multiple monitor setup. Professionals in many industries need two or more monitors for seamless jobs. It is great to use two monitors simultaneously. It does not just expand the desktop view of Windows but makes the jobs much easier for you. Whether you are in animation, IT, or some other field, a dual monitor setup is highly helpful. The dual monitor setup can help you work with various programs in full screen at the same time. It is having two video displays that are connected for people who want an expanded view. However, the flip side is that there are not multiple settings to configure more than a single monitor set up. To deal with this problem, some tools such as monitor standing desk can make multiple monitors set up beautiful. 

Make multiple monitor setup beautiful with useful tools 

Here are the useful tools that help in making multiple monitor setup more useful and proficient: 

1. Match the display

If you have different monitors, you have to do a little more work by making them play well. In select and rearrange displays, you have to click and drag rectangles to match the orientation of monitors on the desktop. If you move the cursor to the left side, it shall appear in the same place instead of jumping up and down on your screen. 

In the Scale and layout part adjust the resolution of both monitors. You can use the built-in settings of each monitor to adjust color and brightness and match them closely. After you are done, the monitors shall match up closely, making it pleasant and easier to move the Windows between them. 

2. Tweak the Taskbar

Windows 10 by default can extend the taskbar into both monitors. You can customize it more according to your liking. You can right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar settings. If you want to extend on both displays, you might decide where you want the separate icons to appear on the monitors; on the taskbar and the main taskbar. You can select whether you want the buttons of the taskbar to have labels. 

3. Choose wide wallpapers

Though fancy wallpapers shall not enhance your productivity, they are the coolest thing to have multiple monitors. Though most wallpaper websites have multi-monitor options, some places specialize in wide wallpapers. After you have a collection of wallpapers, you can right-click on the desktop and select Personalize. You can browse the image folder and select span for filling up space in all displays. 

4. Display Fusion

Display Fusion is a tool that is designed considering multiple monitors. As DisplayFusion runs in the system, users can gain higher control over wallpapers, align windows to the display edges, build custom keyboard shortcuts, or dim automatically the dim monitor. 

This program has a lot of useful options and therefore download its free version. The free version has limited features compared to the paid version. 

5. Cursor Lock

Cursor Lock is a tool that works properly. Begin the program and check the Program Box. Enter the path to the EXE file. This shall create a new shortcut. It will create a shortcut. When you launch a game from the shortcut, the cursor shall remain locked. 

The dual monitor is a need but it can become highly complicated while making a presentation and for performing multiple-monitor-related functions. Dual monitor tools can make your life easier and the above-mentioned tools are handy for you. You can move windows between several screens or you can extend the wallpaper to the various connected screens. The tools offer the best support for managing multiple monitors. 

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