12 Tips For Becoming a Pro Gamer 2021

Tips For Becoming a Pro Gamer

Tips For Becoming a Pro Gamer

Professional sport has now also arrived in the digital sector. eSports is an industry that is growing rapidly. Many want to become professional gamers. But what do you need for that? We have 12 tips for you that will help you become a better gamer.

eSport describes digital competition between two or more players. The opponents compete against each other in a multiplayer mode of a video game. The industry has been steadily in recent years evolved and now divides more and more features with classic professional sports such as soccer and tennis. Players are signed by eSports teams, train daily and take part in leagues and tournaments. Some of these eSports teams are also sponsored by established sports clubs, such as 1. FC Köln and Eintracht Frankfurt.

There are tournaments in different disciplines or for different games. Depending on the mode and game, this is limited to individual disciplines and team games. In general, team modes are in the majority in eSports. Good sportspeople are characterized by their high reaction time, their good hand-eye coordination, analytical and strategic thinking, and a good overview as well as an excellent understanding of the game.

Why people get excited about eSports

Since gaming is the hobby of many people, eSports offers them an opportunity to deepen their hobby. Because eSports is more than “just gambling”. It combines fun with competition. To play certain rankings and to measure one’s abilities against other players means pure thrill for many. Especially when you achieve certain goals together with your team, that’s very satisfying.

The competition in eSports also promotes characteristics such as strategic thinking and the ability to react. Since an exporter trains a lot, these properties are constantly being improved. In addition, sportspeople are generally very disciplined. You put a lot of energy into training and constantly want to improve in order to perform better. You don’t give up. These are qualities that also help you outside of eSports.

12 Tips – How to Become a Better Gamer

Tips for your gaming career.

The path from beginner to professional is a long and difficult one. As with other sports, only the best of the best-become professionals in eSports. You have to be aware of the time investment. Getting better at one game is like trying to get better at other hobbies. For example, it takes a lot of time and patience before you can paint well. It’s no different with gaming. But you take a lot with you on the way – every game takes you further. And similar to other hobbies, a kind of teaching profession has developed in eSport. You can learn to get better at a particular game with gaming coaches. They usually support you by playing with you or by watching you play. They proceed analytically and can show you specifically what you need to do better.

But that doesn’t mean you have to pay a gaming coach. Getting better at eSports is also wonderfully easy on your own. Most professional esports athletes have become so good because they started playing the game at a young age and have improved through playing it regularly. To make your way to becoming a professional easier, we have

1. Find your game

If a young soccer player decides to become a goalkeeper and has learned the position for years, he will likely stay a goalkeeper too. It is the same with the other positions. A trained striker is unlikely to switch to defense mid-career. It works in a similar way with eSports, albeit not quite as drastically. Theoretically, you can be a professional in several games at the same time, but the effort would be immense and not affordable at the highest level. Many eSports people like to play games other than theirs, but not on a professional level.

If you want to become a good eSportsman, you should focus on one game at the beginning. Many games differ drastically and switching back and forth too much is counterproductive. For example, if you like to play Fifa and Overwatch and decide to become a really good esportsman, you have to choose one of the two. The two games are very different and sometimes require different skills.

If you are already playing a competitive game as a hobby, this is all the more useful. You already have experience there and probably know the basics. If it motivates you to get better at it, so much the better. Many professionals have become interested in eSports because they enjoyed the game so much.

It is very important to develop a certain familiarity with the game and the platform and to adapt accordingly. Only those who are familiar with a game and with their equipment can become really good at it.

2. Practice patience and motivation

Patience and motivation are often the keys to success.

If you want to get really good, you must have the right attitude. You have to invest a lot of time in your training. Improving yourself can be a long process. Nobody is instantly a pro in a new game. If you have a lot of passion for your hobby, are patient, and have the necessary devotion, you already have the essential mental basis. And even if it looks like other players are just more talented and therefore so good, it doesn’t mean anything. With enough diligence, you can reach any level.

Above all, patience is important. Over time, you have to adjust to new things over and over again. The game can change, new things can be added. This sometimes means that certain mechanics have to be learned again. New situations arise that need to be analyzed so that you can respond well to them. Strategies have to be developed and adapted if necessary. Then there is the actual training and the gathering of experience. Professional esports athletes who take part in tournaments have years of experience. Such professionals have turned their hobby into a profession, pursue an acting career, and have adapted their lifestyle accordingly.

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Control the frustration

Any sport can cause frustration. Because you lost because you didn’t play well enough, because the opponent was better. This is perfectly normal and everyone has to learn to deal with it. These moments of frustration also occur in gaming, but there are also others. In general, frustration is a problem that many gamers struggle with. Many professional gamers have their own motivational coaches to support them.

Depending on your personality and mood, gaming can lead to a lot of frustration. Sometimes you will have games that feel unfair. Maybe because the game is “unbalanced” (unfairly designed) and many players feel compelled to use certain mechanics. For example, at Fifa, a shooting technique can be much stronger and more effective because it is harder to defend than others. Then when you get a goal because of this difficult to defend shooting technique, it can be very frustrating. Another example could be a new character in games like Overwatch or Dota. The new hero can turn the balance of the game upside down with his abilities or he can be “overpowered” (too strong) and must first be adjusted accordingly by the developers. Sometimes these new characters also have skills that are easy to perform and still very effective, while the skills of other characters are harder to use. Some players then feel disadvantaged.

Learning to deal with this frustration is an important step for many players. Because you probably play worse when you’re frustrated. This then reduces motivation and the frustration builds up. That’s why it is so important composure to learn while playing. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself while practicing, it won’t necessarily make you play better. Sometimes there are moments when you probably feel like you are getting stuck. That you don’t improve Every player has to go through such phases at some point. Then it’s time to grit your teeth. Take a break and don’t let yourself be dragged into a depression. Approach problems neutrally and remember that sometimes everyone is just unlucky. Over time you become more and more resistant to frustration, both when playing and in general.

Fairness is also important when hiring. Don’t get toxic during or after a game. Stay calm and neutral. Players who insult their opponents or teammates after losing have a lot to learn. Don’t take it personally and learn from your mistakes. Ambition is good and constructive criticism can be appropriate. But players who get upset about every little thing and get angry quickly are not welcomed.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly.

It may sound banal, but like any other sport and any other hobby, regularity is the most important point. If you don’t practice a lot, you won’t get good either. Professional gamers who play in leagues and take part in tournaments with their teams often train eight hours a day, some even up to 16 hours.

In the beginning, you should just start. Play regularly, try different things, improve yourself through continuity. You will improve in many aspects as a result. For example, your fingers use muscle reminders to remember certain key combinations, and they become easier and easier to handle over time.

Bonus tip: Don’t mess around with your mouse’s settings too much. Find the right speed and sensitivity and then stick with it. Otherwise, you will have to get used to it at some point, which can be bad for your progress.

However, at a certain point, “just playing” is not enough. To really get better, you have to improve on specific things. For example, you may already know the strategies and have an overview of the map in a tactical shooter like Counter-Strike. But your timing is not as good as everyone else’s. Then you should work on it specifically.

Discipline is also important. Professional gamers exercise a lot and regularly, even if they don’t particularly feel like it. You have to stay on the ball and always measure your skills against those of others. Competitions such as tournaments are also ideal for this. If the opportunity arises, you can participate. For the game “Hearthstone”, for example, there are occasionally smaller tournaments in different cities. A tournament like this helps you to better assess your skills. Even if you don’t get far, the experience can be well worth it. You don’t have to be particularly nervous, everyone starts small and once you’re in the game, you ignore everything else.

4. Get to know all facets of the game

One of the basics for a professional is to know your way around the game. For example, if you play League of Legends, you should know what skills each character has. Otherwise, you will not be able to counter your opponent effectively. You also need to know the maps you are moving on. Knowing about all corners and edges, recognizing certain situations early on.

This also means that you are always up to date. Competitive multiplayer games such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, League of Legends, Hearthstone, or Fifa are constantly updated. The game receives new functions and old ones can be changed. If you’re not up to date, you can be surprised by updates, which the game can cost you. Therefore, always look at the patch notes and read through guides.

Knowing all facets of the game also means that you should try things out. Different mechanics interact with each other in different ways. In the game Overwatch, for example, many ultimates (the characters’ strongest ability) can be combined in order to overwhelm the opponent quickly and effectively.

5. Customize your equipment

Customize your equipment.

No professional plays with a typical computer mouse or keyboard from the office. The gaming industry has expanded so much that there are now thousands of different ways you can design your PC or console-setup. This is important because the right equipment can increase your performance because it opens up new options. A gaming mouse, for example, always has a few more buttons on the side that a normal office mouse doesn’t have.

Therefore, in addition to a stable Internet connection (preferably with a LAN cable) and a smoothly running PC, laptop or console, there are other important things that you should pay attention to.

When choosing the right accessories, personal preference ultimately decides. Make sure it suits your needs and give it a try. Since gaming equipment is usually quite expensive, you should also try it out extensively and see whether you can handle it well.

Bonus tip: It is best to get PC accessories that are connected to the computer with a cable. Wireless or Bluetooth mice or keyboards are easy to use, but the connection can be disturbed by external frequencies. If you can no longer move or understand your team members in the middle of a game, that’s a problem.


For many PC gamers, the mouse is one of the two most important pieces of equipment. A good gaming mouse feels comfortable on the hand and prevents your hand from cramping up after hours of gaming. Most gaming mice also offer additional functions such as several buttons on the side that can be operated with the thumb. This gives you additional hotkeys (performability at the touch of a button) for your gameplay. For some games like World of Warcraft, you need a lot of hotkeys. Additional buttons on the mouse are a good choice, especially because they are easy to operate.

Finding a suitable gaming mouse shouldn’t be a big problem. Because there is a large selection of mice from many different brands. The best thing to do is to test the mouse for a while and see if it fits you. It should feel really nice because you will likely be using it for a very long time.

The mouse also comes with a matching mouse pad. Many gamers have particularly large mouse pads because they move the mouse back and forth a lot. This is especially the case with shooters like Counter-Strike. The mouse pad takes up a lot of space. If you don’t mind a large mousepad, it might be worth considering. Hitting the limit of the mouse pad while playing can be very irritating.


Mechanical keyboards are very popular with gamers.

When choosing the right keyboard, you also have a wide range of choices. Gaming keyboards are mostly mechanical keyboards that offer you a different typing and pressure feel than conventional keyboards. Many gamers, therefore, swear by mechanical keyboards. A distinction is made between various “switches” that determine the feeling of pressure on the individual keys. There are switches that make it difficult to press the buttons and some that make it easier. Here too, personal preference is decisive.

That’s why you should also test the keyboard extensively. It is relevant, for example, how close you want the keys to be or how big the keys should be. Some keyboards don’t have a Numpad because you probably won’t need it to play. Many gaming keyboards can now even be customized. They offer lighting effects that are not really important for gaming.


The headset is essential for at least one function, but usually two. It is used to communicate with your team members and at the same time to hear the sound. This is important because certain sound effects can be decisive in a game. For example, in first-person shooters, you can hear shots from a distance and use 3D sound to locate the direction from which they are coming. You can also hear the game sound better with headphones than with speakers.

Comfort and the microphone are important for a headset. Because you will probably wear the headset very often, and sometimes for several hours at a time, it should sit comfortably and not press on your ears. The microphone should be good because your teammates must always understand you well. If a game goes wrong because a team member is not easy to understand, it is a hardware problem.

The microphone should also not transmit unnecessary noise, such as typing your keyboard. Especially if you have a mechanical keyboard, the keystrokes are often very loud. If your microphone is transmitting these sounds, it can be very annoying for your team. Therefore, you should test the microphone extensively, including in-game testing.


The monitor is important because you need a good overview. The game should also run in a large number of frames. That’s why many gamers have a 144 Hertz monitor so that they can enjoy their games as smoothly as possible. But that doesn’t mean that you have to get such a screen. It is more important that you play with the correct size monitor. In general, many play with 21, 24, or 27-inch monitors. What size you most appeal to you, you can go to shops to test.

The distance to the monitor is also relevant. If you sit a little further away from your monitor, a large screen can definitely pay off. You should make sure that you have as much in view as possible. If you want to play on a 27-inch monitor, you should already have a distance of 60 to 90 centimeters.


Professional gamers practice all day. In most cases, this also means they sit all day. Therefore, a suitable chair is very useful. In recent years, pure gaming chairs have been developed that are intended to offer the player ergonomic seating. Having a good chair for your desk is important because sitting so much tends to be unhealthy. Gaming chairs, therefore, support a straight back posture.

You should also get used to this posture in general while playing. Sit with an upright, straight back, legs at right angles as well as arms. You will probably have to adjust the height of the chair to suit your desk.

6. Develop different strategies

Develop different strategies.

If you notice that you and your team are stuck with one strategy, you should develop a new one. In general, you should always have several approaches in your repertoire when starting a game. Each opponent plays differently and in different ways. You should always be flexible and be able to recognize when a change in tactics is required.

That’s why you should test a lot. Most games have a “quick play” mode, in which you can try things out regardless of a specific rating. There you can not only practice new techniques but also try out other characters. For example, Overwatch has a model where anyone can play any character.

Some tactics need planning. In poker or chess, you think several moves ahead, in competitive gaming, it is the same. It’s also very satisfying when you see a tactic work out and you win the game because of it. The preparation should always be right.

7. Learn from your opponents

In the course of your gamer career, you will experience one or the other moment in which an opponent “outplayed” you with no ifs and buts and you have the feeling that you have no chance. These players often have a lot of experience and are professionals themselves, so don’t let that discourage you. Instead, you should learn from it. Observe how your opponents are doing, especially if you’ve lost a lot. Don’t get frustrated and learn from your mistakes.

So, if you are in your practice phase and determined to get better, a good opponent is just what you need. Use the learning effect and adapt. This also applies to the strategies of the opponents. As you learn your opponents’ tactics, you will also learn to counter them. To do this, think about beforehand how you want to approach the situation. Try different things and see what works.

Professional eSports teams often have analysts on their team who look at the other top teams and analyze their strategies. That can be the key to victory. It can help you get better if you try your hand at analyzing your opponents.

8. Join a clan

Join a clan.

Many games allow you to play alone in a league. This is called “Solo-Que” (register alone). But if you want to become a pro, you should get in touch with other players. In clans, you can get to know many players who play at different levels of experience and can help you. You can learn a lot from your fellow players.

You can find many clans on the Internet, for individual games or for several at the same time. The clans usually have a Discord or TeamSpeak server on which you can chat with your fellow players. This makes playing a lot more fun and you feel like part of a community. This also promotes team play, which is essential in many games. When you play with your clan members, a team spirit develops.

It also motivates you to play with others. You can make each other aware of mistakes and get better together.

9. Watch professionals

An excellent source for learning mechanics is watching it from professionals. Many pro gamers stream on platforms like Twitch or Youtube. They show how they play, which maneuvers they use. So you can see how a game is played at the professional level and what you need to achieve. You can also learn good strategies and tricks from professionals. An additional plus point of streams is that you can interact with the streamer and ask him questions.

But you can not only watch the professionals in streams. Tournaments for the largest competitive games are held regularly. You can watch these tournaments on the internet or on-site.

When you watch the professionals, you should also pay attention to their behaviors. You are very passionate about it, but also with a lot of patience. You have made it to a point that you can only get to with a lot of practice and dedication. If you watch the pros, you can also learn something about mentality.

10. Analyze your replays

Analyze your replays.

Every match is recorded in professional sport. So the player has the opportunity to look at his performance afterward. This is not only the case in football or soccer, but also in eSports. Many players record their games in order to analyze them later. This will help you spot mistakes and understand your opponent’s strategy. If you play in a team, you can also watch and talk about your replays together.

Matches can now also be easily recorded. Graphics card drivers often bring their own programs for this, and there are also corresponding apps on consoles. Especially if you feel like you are getting stuck, you shouldn’t overlook this possibility. There will be a catch somewhere and if you look back at your games you might see why.

11. Practice the relevant mechanics

No matter what game you play, you have to train a lot. You should have no problem mastering the core mechanics of the game. Depending on the game, these are different. In shooters like Counter-Strike, for example, you have to be able to aim very well. If an enemy walks into your field of vision, you must knock them out as quickly as possible. This works best with a “headshot”, which takes your opponent out of the game immediately. But putting a headshot like this quickly while the target is moving is anything but easy. Again, it takes a lot of practice.

You have to train your reflexes. Professional gamers can react very quickly to certain situations. The goal should be that you land on the target immediately with an instinctive mouse swivel. You can practice this not only in the game itself but also outside of it. There are many small programs on the internet that will help you practice aiming. You just have to make sure that you always play with the same mouse setting. If you change it, it will affect your aiming and you will have to get used to it again.

If you have a large mouse pad, it can be very worthwhile to move your mouse with wide arm movements instead of just your wrist. Many professional gamers swear by this type of mouse movement because it allows you to hold the mouse more calmly. When playing, you move the mouse with your arm, and the wrist is only used for adjustment. You should take a closer look at this type of mouse movement if you want to become good at a shooter. Streams and tournaments are also ideal for this.

But not only in shooters are their mechanics that you have to learn. In Fifa, for example, you have to master all forms of passes and shots, as different situations require different solutions. In League of Legends, you need to know the skills of all characters so that you know how to play them and how to counter them.

12. Improve your team play

Improve your team play.

If you want to become a pro in a team game, team play is essential. You have to be very communicative. This is something that all professionals have in common. If you watch them at a tournament, you will see that they talk to each other without a break. Every seeming trifle is taken up. Every player needs to know everything that is going on in the game at all times. Many beginners have the problem that they cannot communicate properly while playing because they are not used to it. But even this type of multitasking is something you can practice. If you play with friends or in a clan, you should always try to coordinate everything.

Your role is also important. Every player should be able to support their weight. In addition, everyone has their own function. There is often a leader or a “shot caller” who makes the announcements, there are “support” players who keep you alive, and much more. A good team has players who know their role and who have mastered it perfectly. For example, if you know that you have a good support player behind you, you can play more aggressively than usual. You should also be flexible when it comes to team composition. In Overwatch, for example, any professional gamer can play multiple characters. Depending on how the opponent’s team is built, you have to change characters in order to be successful.

Probably the most important thing in team play is your behavior. This generally applies to gaming and is no different in a team. You shouldn’t be toxic and unfair, but always be patient and kind. Nobody likes teammates who start getting upset about little things in the middle of a match. To be victorious, you need to stay calm and neutral. Remember, if you lose patience, it’s not just bad for you, but for the whole team.


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