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Brands spend a huge amount of time and money developing their social media marketing strategy because of its cost-effective nature. Their marketing plan includes platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; however, WhatsApp is equally important. If you are in countries like India, you can use the WhatsApp specific tool called You might like this if you plan to keep engaging with your customer.

While WhatsApp is a perfect channel for texting your team, it’s also an effective tool for growing your business. In fact, it was created with small business owners in mind, for it helps them connect with their customers. Further, the channel allows companies to offer immediate, personalized customer service.

So then, the article will explore effective tips to use WhatsApp for business. We will also review tools that can help you send customized bulk messages to both potential and existing customers.

Let’s get started.

Tips to Use WhatsApp for Business

  • Segment your Customers

It’s easy to use WhatsApp to market your brand when specializing in one product or service. However, that is not so for a business offering multiple products to a wider audience.

Segmenting your customers based on the product type they buy from you can help to avoid saturating them with unnecessary notifications. So, create a WhatsApp broadcast list for your customers, customize each conversation, and then use the WhatsApp sender tools to send bulky messages.

  • Automate Responses

WhatsApp Business allows you to automated responses just like a bot. The feature allows the channel to immediately respond to customers’ queries even when you’re not online.

Some of the customized messages that you can add include;

  • Welcome message to a person sending an inquiry for the first time
  • Absence message to a person that writes when your business is closed or during offline hours
  • Predesigned responses about your products or offers
  • Make use of WhatsApp Status Update

The feature lets you post images that your contacts can within a 24-hour cycle. You can use it to share your business’ important moments.

Things that you can share on your business’ WhatsApp status include:

  • Promotions
  • Events
  • A good day message which reminds your customers that you still exist

Tools to Use WhatsApp for Business

The internet has a broad list of WhatsApp sender tools to support your marketing campaign. The following tools are rich in features and easy to use. They will enable you to send bulk and highly customized messages to your contacts.

1. WA Web Messenger

The WA automation tool enables you to broadcast messages to existing and potential customers. WA Web Messenger is an extension that enables you to turn your business WhatsApp into a CRM tool. The WA marketing tool allows you to send text messages and attach images or documents.

You can send your customized messages to multiple recipients using the WhatsApp web or WhatsApp Desktop. In fact, you can easily integrate the WA Web tool with other WhatsApp extensions to enhance your marketing campaign.

2. RapBooster

The open-source marketing software can help you manage your customer relationships and drive your WhatsApp Web marketing campaigns. RapBooster supports bulk personalized messages with attached files, videos, and images of your products.

Additionally, you can set time delays, manage auto-reply rules and generate delivery reports. The WhatsApp marketing tool is feature-rich and can only be used through the web. This makes it easy to integrate it with other software to enhance your social media marketing strategy.

3. Rapid Planner

The WhatsApp marketing software has a mobile app that enables you to send bulk messages to your target customers. Small businesses can run effective social media and WhatsApp marketing campaigns within their limited budget using Rapid Planner.

The reason is that the WhatsApp automation tool has a user-friendly interface that allows you to send unlimited messages at once. You can also monitor your social media marketing and generate data that you can use to bolster your future campaigns.


WhatsApp sender tools allow both new and established businesses to increase their visibility with a small budget. After segmenting their clients, marketers can post their products on their business WhatsApp account and set auto-responses to keep their clients engaged when they are offline.

WhatsApp Automation tools such as WA Web sender, RapBooster, and Rapid Planner are designed to help you send personalized bulk messages to your contacts. You can begin your WhatsApp marketing campaign today by downloading the featured tools from our site.

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