The Top 3 WordPress Trends For 2021



WordPress is the most popular platform for website building today. When it was first introduced back in 2003, it was an effort to build a new platform on top of b2.cafelog – the-then-very-popular blogging platform. The creator’s Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, both users of b2/catalog, decided to start a journey that took an incredible path – it started a revolution in the industry. Today, WordPress is constantly evolving and creating trends that many WordPress developers implement in their projects, building fantastic websites equipped with a superior user experience. Here are some of the most popular trends in WordPress today.

A Big Step Towards the Future: AI

Artificial intelligence is always a remarkable concept – regardless of the niche, it is to be implemented. In IT, it feels like home. And, in WordPress, it will become a real game-changer. The biggest challenge with AI technology is that it must be planned and organized to the tiniest detail in order to function properly. There are workspaces that are already using AI technology but fall short on functionality due to mishaps and improper handling.

When it comes to the IT industry, the implementation of AI saw the light of the day in automating and streamlining the daily processes to reach faster workflows and decreased operational costs. Such an example are the Deep Insights with Website Analytics whose aim is to reveal all opportunities for improvement,

In WordPress, the implementation of AI technology means the opportunity to track behavior and plan and execute better targeted marketing campaigns. More and more WordPress developers would inevitably focus their efforts on creating AI-based WordPress sites so that they can meet the needs of their clients.

Customization in Themes

WordPress is loved for its themes and the straightforward process of customizing these themes according to the client’s preference. However, what is becoming one of the most exciting trends related to WordPress is developing multi-purpose themes that include customizations and integrated plugins and web design features.

The great thing about these multi-purpose themes is that they are convenient to use across many independent websites. Therefore, big companies can enhance their business development by running multiple sites at the same time.



A practical example of this trend is having a fully functional corporate website built in WordPress with an eCommerce storefront and a business portfolio page. Add to this set a blog as well, and you get the idea of the whole package a WordPress multi-purpose theme can provide for your business.

Integration of Chatbots

Another AI technology, but too popular that deserves a separate spot on the list of the top WordPress trends for 2021. In fact, the chatbot integration was a hot trend for 2020, too, but its relevance is of huge importance that the trend still continues to be mentioned by experts. Basically, chatbots are an ideal way to keep in touch with clients, and even though it is a bit strange that people are offered to communicate to robots instead of actual humans on a website, the practice has shown to be very useful. What is more, people even prefer talking to a chatbot simply because they are instantly given answers to their queries.

There is another statistic that says that 40% of clients do not care whether they are talking to a chatbot or a human as long as they get the answers they need. Taking this fact into consideration, more and more business owners hire WordPress developers to integrate a chatbot into their WordPress platform so that they can facilitate the process of selling or offering services to clients for good. These developers would use a WordPress chatbot plugin or write even more advanced code that will better understand the complexity of the conversations with the clients.

What’s next?

All in all, WordPress is a whole industry – it keeps on evolving and advancing following the latest innovations and discoveries in technology. It puts the focus on the users and their needs, and all the changes are made to meet those needs. It goes beyond the necessity to create beautiful websites, as in today’s online world, the website needs to be more than beautiful to meet the standards of a superior website. Luckily, WordPress understands all this and keeps on setting new rules for the competition.

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