The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI can be identified as an emerging technology that has the capability of changing aspects of the education system. Education has been forecasted to achieve $3.68 billion along with the global AI intelligence market, and it is a 47% boost to the compound annual growth rate, which is based on 2018 to 2023.

Artificial intelligence in education has a boosting role in the field, and it can increase productivity, efficiency, and convenience. It will also provide this sector with so many benefits. So let’s look at the benefits that come with the role of artificial intelligence in education.

It Can Simply Be the Duties Regarding Administration and Grades.

In the education field, more time will be consumed on the tasks related to grading and administration. In general, teachers devote their time to

  • 7% for the administration
  • 43% for instruction
  • 11% on grading examinations
  • 13% for the lessons and the planning courses.

These are the details you will see from one country to another.

On average, a teacher has to spend more than 7 hours planning their lessons and assessing their students. Based on several types of research, Korean and Malaysian teachers are spending double the time on administrative tasks. It will be increased, especially in countries such as Japan.

The role of artificial intelligence in education will simplify all tasks, and technology is making those grading processes way faster and more automated. So, as a result, more time will be granted for the educators to spend with their students. AI programs take care of these mundane tasks. In addition to that, this kind of software will come with solutions for grading in any department or field. So the making of the paperwork will be much simpler and more efficient.

Smart Content

Smart is a must-include subject for the field of artificial intelligence in education. This is personalized content that will continuously update with demographic, behavioral, and contextual data.

This is a huge technological advancement that you can use to achieve better academic success, and so many are interested in smart content as it has so much to offer. It is more like a quality booster, and Ai is responsible for creating virtual and digital content.

Everything is being digitalized nowadays, including textbooks. So this smart content will be a solid choice for all. It is more like a helping mechanism to navigate the students and show them more relevant information. More than that, anyone has access to this information. Teachers can use them to prepare audio, illustrations, and to assist with their programs as well.

Learning Options From a Customizable Way

Think of Netflix as an example. If you log into it, there are recommendations in there that have been customized according to your preferences with movie lists. This same process is usable in the education sector.

The old system for the schools relied on outdated curriculum materials. These materials followed the same structure that they had for decades, and they have a low rate of success in capturing the reader’s interest. And also, when the teachers are in charge of so many classes, they are unable to provide the same methods of teaching as they are doing for a one-on-one session. Instead of that, teachers can work only with a majority and try their best to provide the best content.

AI will transform the teacher’s situations to perform better, and it will give some customized recommendations that have been tailored for every student. With the use of it, students will be able to get their ultimate assistance, and with the use of technology, teachers will be able to give some valuable feedback as well.

Instant feedback will build great momentum, and teachers can use it to take their classes through the next levels. With this interactive feature of AI, students find it easy to stay in contact with their teachers and ask for their assistance. It can take some time before these types of methods become a daily practice, but currently, AI seems to be on the right track.

Unlimited Boundaries

Education should not be covered by limits, and AI is capable of bypassing all those global boundaries. It can provide you with some excellent capabilities for learning. Whether you are from anywhere on the plant, AI can be used, and for that, it will ensure availability, ideal transitions, and convenience as well.

We can take an example of chatbots, which are powered by AI. They are 24/7 available and will answer so many queries. You can use these chatbots whenever you want without worrying about how simple or complex the content is.

Improving the Efficiency

Data analysis can be done with greater speed and accuracy with fewer human errors. So, these accuracy levels and the coverage make AI a great success. For the educational setting, it is a practical method, and to know the efficiency of AI in the educational sector, let’s look for an example.

If teachers are looking for ways to improve safety and to minimize jams, AI can model that complicated data and it will enable the data-driven with forecasts to reduce children being lost in crowds. Students can also reach the benefits of AI.

AI will cost more to implement, but it is worthy of its spending as it has led to growth in the technology.


With its full potential, AI will always have a great impact on the education sector and give students a background where they can thrive. Teachers also benefit from AI, as it is a convenient, efficient, and practical method for educational tasks as a solid investment.

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