The Next Big Thing in Malayalam – Malayalam keyboard

Malayali’s are going to get mind-blown when they get their hands and fingers to The Malayalam Keyboard. Do you know why? Because it is the next big thing. You don’t get a keyword app that lets you perform so many things in one place. Either you get Malayali alphabets or in some cases you get Malayali stickers. But where do you get everything together combined with fun? Here at the Malayalam typing Keyboard. If you’re reading this, trust me, this is something very important because you should know how a Keyboard will help you get your tasks easily on your device without any hurdles. 

There are not many Malayalam Keyboards available for the people of Kerala and thus, Bobble has fulfilled your wish of bringing a Keyboard that not just lets you type in Malayalam but also get engaged in fun activities using various options that we have featured down below just for you. 

Are you excited to know why it is going to be the next big thing in Malayalam? Here’s why!

The Malayalam Keyboard has several features that allows you to convert your conversations into meaningful and proper style. It permits you to express your views and ideas in your own local language. Let’s see how we can make our daily conversations better. 

  • Malayalam typing- it’s a time for you to engage in your own regional language. Sounds fun right? The Malayalam keyboard is a unique tool that even converts your words into the Malayalam language if you are not fluent with the language whereas the other person is. You can even type in Malayalam language using the Malayali alphabets. The Malayalam Keyboard is so smooth to send your replies fast without making any mistakes. 
  • Malayali stickers: With the incredibly famous Malayalam Keyboard app you also get thousands of stickers for you to interact with your closed ones daily without even getting bored. It is actually a big thing that you get to send Malayalam stickers. Many other Keyboard apps haven’t brought regional stickers to you yet. This is the super creative way through which you don’t have to think of something interesting to keep chatting with people you want to talk to on a day-to-day basis. People really keep a good collection of stickers to flaunt them every time when a sticker war starts between two people or in groups. You should get a good collection and thus, a Malayalam Keyboard app will let you have them. 
  • Cartoon head selfie or picture: another fun idea in this best keyboard that you won’t find in any other keyboard is the Cartoon head or Avatar creator. All you have to do is to add your pictures, your friends’ pictures, or someone you want to impress with your creativity and form cartoon heads and show everyone how they look with cute cartoon big heads. People will really enjoy talking to you once you get involved in the Avatar creator. Avatar creator proves to be very essential because you never know what can work for you professionally too. You can make avatars and advertise your brands too to get the attention of your target audience. 
  • Malayalam movie quotes: almost every Malayali is getting obsessed with the idea that they can discuss their thoughts about their favorite Malayalam Movies. Everyone who loves watching movies, here’s something you’ll love a lot. I mean who doesn’t love Malayalam movies? The plot of their movies is so amazing that nobody can stop themselves from talking about it and recommending it to their friends. You can be a pro in watching movies and sharing your thoughts first before anyone else does after you download the Malayalam keyboard app. 
  • Voice Typing: The vocal Malayalam language is really fast and thus, the Malayalam Keyboard app voice typing can prove to be very beneficial for them. This is a question to all the Malayali’s out there. There comes a time when you get bored of typing so many words, don’t you want a feature that types what you speak? We have one for you which yields highly accurate results. Talk at your own normal speed and the voice typing feature will instantly write your texts in no time with no such mistakes. The best hack for typing long applications, reports, letters, etc. 

The points mentioned above are proof that The Malayalam keyboard is a good option to chat with people from Kerala that comes with additional features. Manglish keyboard also respects your privacy and no personal data is collected regarding pin codes, OTPs, credit card numbers, etc. In addition, Malayali’s also get an advantage of giving user feedback that enables the developers to improve the efficiency of the Keyboard app in the best way possible. To the people of Kerala, you know you are going to fall in love with the Keyboard. 

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