The Best Items to Prepare You for WoW TBC

The Best Items to Prepare You for WoW TBC

The Best Items to Prepare You for WoW TBC

Get ready for The Burning Crusade experience with some essential items to take with you. 

When it comes to making the transition over from World of Warcraft Classic to The Burning Crusade, there are a lot of ways in which you can prepare. Some may be looking at the best strategies to get them through TBC power leveling. Others might be grinding to get as much TBC Classic gold as possible to fully prepare themselves. One key aspect that may get overlooked is the items that we are taking with us.

There are several TBC items that are going to come into play that will help us to ease into The Burning Crusade experience. Therefore, we’re going to be listing off some of the most effective items that you can find ahead of going into the TBC expansion.

Dark/Demonic Rune

A lot of players often rely on mana, which is perfectly understandable when you consider how essential it is to many of the game’s classes. With the Dark and Demonic Runes, you will be able to restore your mana significantly. Healing is a massive factor especially when raiding, and even though you will be able to get aid from other classes, your mana is still an important aspect for you to think about.

Elixir of Demonslaying

This may just be one of the most essential items on this list. It will help you lord over any demons that stand in your way and is a significant item for the melee player. This item edged out the Flask of Petrification, that underwent changes in a patch where it couldn’t be removed during an active buff. If you do happen to come across one of these elixirs, be sure to hold onto it as you head into the next expansion.

The Black Book

Are you playing as a Warlock, or planning to when you are playing TBC? Then the Black Book is for you. When you’re going through the process of The Burning Crusade power leveling, you will find just how effective this item really is as a Warlock traversing the Outlands area. When you have reached the point where you’re at the 41 points talents mark in the Demonology tree, you’ll gain access to the Summon Felguard. With this item, you can use the Black Book to power it, which will leave you with a demonic companion at your side that will slay all in its sights.

Devilsaur Tooth

Something for all the Hunters out there now. When you hit level 50, you will be able to take on a quest in which you will find the Devilsaur Eye. However, something that is often overlooked in this quest is the Devilsaur Tooth. Don’t be fooled by first appearances, as this is going to help you out when coming into TBC. With this item, you’ll find that the Ferocious Talent that is a part of the Beast Mastery tree comes into play whenever your pet is able to hit a critical strike on your enemy. This allows you to enjoy 10 seconds of damage boost at a rate of 3%.

Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon

We’ve already stated the importance of healing in WoW TBC, and classes with healer traits can benefit greatly from the Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon. The reason as to why this is good for healers is the items that are based around percentages scale well with both your level and gear. This means that such items don’t end up missing out on their value. The transition into the expansion doesn’t take anything away from this card, making it very useful indeed.

Elemental Sharpening Stone

This item is a bit of a toss up between itself and the Adamantite Sharpening Stone in terms of which is the most useful. For sure, the Elemental Sharpening Stone is something that you’ll want to look out for. Even though it’s Adamantite counterpart is a higher-level consumable, the split of weapon damage and critical strike rating means that Elemental is sometimes the better choice.

Wolfshead Helm

This is an item that’s worn by Feral Druids that truly want to be at the top of their game. At least, for the first half of your journey through The Burning Crusade anyway, before making the most of the Power Shifting ability that’s available. These kinds of Druid have access to Furor, which gives you more energy whenever you change your form.

If you really want to prepare for the expansion, you may have considered going to buy TBC gold. This is a viable option for those who feel as if they don’t have enough WoW TBC gold already. To take it one step further, you could also try and buy WoW TBC accounts too to really get past all of the grinding that awaits you in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

Are you looking forward to trying out TBC? Let us know in the comments section below!

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