Swimming pool in the garden – we choose the perfect one



In the past, a swimming pool in the garden was a luxury; today it is a need. When the outside temperature rises to thirty degrees, we start looking for a way to cool down. Ice cream and cold drinks are not enough. To feel comfortable for longer, it is worth jumping into the water, there is new fibreglass pool you can buy according to your budget.

In summer, the lakes and lagoons were crowded practically every day. It is also ideal if there is enough space in the pool for several people. If we have little space, it is better to choose something smaller to move it to another place, if necessary. You can permanently set up a swimming pool in extensive gardens, but it is a considerable expense.

In the case of children’s pools, the choice is huge. There are shallow and small roofed swimming pools for the youngest and swimming pools with additional attractions for older children. However, when choosing a children’s pool, it is worth considering the ease of keeping the water clean. It is better to select a shallower and smaller one because we can change the water even every day thanks to this.

The offer of swimming pools for adults includes, first of all, expansion pools and those with a frame. Most often, in gardens, we find expansion pools because they are pretty cheap and easy to set up. They have a single inflatable cuff, and the shape itself is formed only after filling them with water pressing against the pool’s walls.

What distinguishes collections with a rack from those with expansions is that they have the same diameter and entire depth, which means that with similar dimensions and depth, the water surface will be more significant. It is a more expensive and relatively permanent solution. Moving the structure with the rack requires its assembly and setting again in a different place.

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The choice of the type of pool is an individual matter depending primarily on the needs and financial possibilities. It is different from the intention of the place for its arrangement. Then the water will heat up. It is worth considering a roof that will give us shade in the vicinity of the pool. Trees and shrubs, and other garden elements can contaminate the pool, so it’s best to avoid them in your surroundings. It is also essential that the bank is not under high-voltage lines and is away from electrical installations.

The substrate for the pool should also be specially prepared. – The area must be levelled and all stones, branches, and other objects that could damage the bottom of the pool removed – explains the gardening engineer. – It is good to put a geotextile under the pool, which will additionally protect its bottom.

If we have a permanent structure, you can sprinkle the ground with sand and arrange paving stones around it to keep the sand in check. It looks aesthetically pleasing, and the rack’s legs do not sink into the ground. A kind of wooden deck has been built around the pool in the gardens more and more often. It is an efficient solution, and it also looks very nice.

After filling the pool, we should think about keeping the water clean. It is worth getting a swimming pool cover, which, in addition to protection against pollution, also prevents heat loss. You can cover the pool with foil or a unique cover made of polyethene bubble wrap, foam, or mesh. Interestingly, the special thermos lids that heat the water using sunlight. An essential thing is also a filter for water purification and a unique landing net that allows you to catch, for example, leaves, needles, or insects. We can also buy a hand vacuum kit.

It consists of a telescopic tube, hose and suction brush, and a filter through which the polluted water passes. Additional protection for the purity of the water is pool chemistry, which should be properly selected for the volume of the pool. These are disinfectants, improving the pH and preventing the growth of algae. If we do not take care of it, the water will become cloudy after a few days, and when it turns green, the only way to clean water is to replace it completely and clean the pool properly.

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