Social Master takes NFC to the Business World



Social Master, a new 2020 startup that is taking the business world by storm by taking near field communication (NFC) technology (now available to all iPhones model 7 and up as well as most Android models year 2012 and more recently) to the age-old business card concept. 

Social Master sells adhesive phone accessories as well as more traditional business cards, all these devices contain an NFC chip which allows you to instantly display your digital profile to the phone screen of your recipient. 

With Social Master, you customize a digital profile in which you can choose to display your social media profiles, website links, phone number and contact information, email, payment methods, and any other profile. You can share them all at once or you can choose to only share one link at a time with the “highlight” toggle feature. 

Social Master is being called “the new way to network” because it makes networking and sharing your business or personal information with new contacts seamless, instant, and easy. With Social Master your new contacts will never lose your contact card because it’s saved to their phone, so they don’t have to keep up with a business card that you’ve given.

You also save money on printing cards and don’t ever have to worry about leaving the house without your business card, and you’ll never have to print more business cards again. 

In an age where social distancing is important, Social Master is there for you with contactless networking, you don’t have to worry about sanitation concerns with handing over a physical business card, just tap your device to the back of your new contact’s phone and your information is instantly shared. 

Check out Social Master’s Shop to check out options and stop wasting time on what Social Master does instantly. 

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