8 Simple and Effective SEO Hacks



You built your website, added content, and optimized your SEO.

So, you’re finished, right?

Not exactly.

Every day, the internet grows and changes!

And for every post, article, product, or video you put to your website, hundreds more are posted to other sites, taking your place in the search rankings.

This means that enhancing your site’s SEO is a continuous process.

There are various continuing SEO tasks you should undertake on a daily basis to boost your online visibility and ensure your website appears in a user’s internet search. Much to your advantage, you can make use of a reliable SEO Audit Tool with a clean interface that helps you get found easily online.


SEO maintenance is the process of examining and increasing the visibility and discovery of material on a regular basis.

The days of SEO maintenance services implying a list of technical website modifications are long gone.

Here are some SEO maintenance chores to consider:

  • Enhancing the site’s quality, and valuable content to attract connections, and promote internal core pages.
  • Provide fodder for social media promotion and community involvement keeping an eye out for ways to improve the technical side of things
  • Modifying title tags and meta descriptions to boost conversions as rankings gain traction utilizing “next levels” opportunities such as structured markup on videos and other supported content
  • Use new SEO best practices learned through continual education, trends, and changes in technology and consumer preferences.
  • Proactively watching for and strategizing how to attract and pursue natural, relevant links for evergreen content and any new content provided to the table
  • Provide SEO guidance on how to integrate with other digital marketing initiatives
  • Examining data on a frequent basis and conducting brainstorming sessions about insights gained while searching for and applying new keywords and queries relevant to your topic, expertise, product, or service
  • SEO should be weaved into organizational culture; it should be a layer of best practices that are applied to a variety of marketing channels and activities: on-site and off-site content production, public relations, social media marketing, user experience, conversion optimization, technical website best practices

A professional Virtual Assitant can be the best solution to all your problems if you are not a pro in this sector!

Ongoing SEO Tasks You Should Perform to Optimize Your Website

  1. Produce new content

With the next Google Page Experience Update, E-A-T will play a larger role in algorithm adjustments.

Content is one of the most effective ways to convey a high level of E-A-T on your website.

Make it a priority to produce and populate your website with unique, trustworthy, and up-to-date information!

This is an efficient technique to keep your site’s SEO and show search engines that user experience is constantly being enhanced.

It also shows Google that you’re constantly attempting to improve your site and increase its worth with new material.

  1. Repurpose already created content

If your content gets out of date due to new information, or if it is no longer in line with current algorithms or SEO trends, update it.

While developing fresh content is vital for a good SEO campaign, reusing old information on your website is also important.

Repurpose articles, landing pages, videos, and anything else that provides a bad user experience, obsolete content, or does not answer questions.

  1. Conduct a site audit

Site audits are ongoing SEO work that should be performed on a frequent basis because a lot may happen on a website in a short period of time and fall between the cracks.

A site-wide audit every six months can assist in identifying technical issues that need to be addressed, such as 404 errors and missing image alt text.

  1. Get rid of deadweight content

Another easy ongoing SEO activity is to eliminate any obsolete or superfluous information.

As previously said, there are pages that can be repurposed, but there are other pages that no longer serve the website after a specific period of time.

Keeping pages that do not produce traffic or conversions for your organization is not a best practice because it consumes important crawl budget space.

This means that search engines will waste time browsing irrelevant pages on your website and may skip over the most vital pages that should be crawled first.

Cleaning up and eliminating outdated information will improve your site’s SEO and overall relevancy, so make it a regular SEO task.

  1. Update meta titles and descriptions.

Another critical step is to ensure that your meta titles and descriptions are up to date, accurately represent the material on your site, and are appealing.

It can be challenging to write an interesting title and description with limited space.

Test and document which keywords, metadata, and calls to action have the highest click-through rates for your sites.

  1. Remove all redirect chains

Internal links are an essential part of any SEO plan, but the more you use them on your site, the easier it is for them to become out of control.

A redirect should be used when pages are withdrawn and broken.

However, too many redirects are bad for a website’s SEO, so be cautious while adding and removing pages from your website.

When redirects are used, they might result in redirect chains and loops with internal links that haven’t been immediately updated with the new live link.

Redirect chains and loops are not recommended since they can generate a negative user experience, devalue link juice, and potentially slow down page speed.

Make it a habit to optimize at least every six months.

  1. Establishing Links

Because link building is a long-term and time-consuming technique, it is an ongoing optimization work.

However, if you want more backlinks, you must actively chase them using a variety of tactics. It’s fantastic to establish your authority and develop high-quality content that websites will naturally want to link to, but it takes time to get there.

Experiment with some of these backlinking tactics to find which ones work best for you! Just make sure they are genuine and natural, rather than forced or acquired.

  1. Competitor analysis

Keep an eye on your competitors.

Take note of the continuous SEO strategies they employ online.

They can swiftly outperform you in terms of keyword rankings and organic performance.

Examine what they do, what material they create, what keywords they target, how many backlinks they acquire, and much more.

Keeping an eye on the competition would be beneficial.

Why Do You Need Ongoing SEO Maintenance for Your Website?

The internet is continually evolving, as are the algorithms used by search engines.

These internet and algorithm modifications can bury your once-optimized website behind a slew of updated and SEO-friendly competition.

Here are a few reasons why ongoing SEO upkeep may make or break your company:

Algorithm evolution

In order for a search engine to be more efficient and beneficial to its users, its algorithms are always developing.

This means that sites could be ranked based on new factors every month.

To know how to optimize your site, you must first grasp what changes with each algorithm update.

SEO trends shift

When algorithms change, SEO trends shift.

What was once a ranking factor may no longer be a ranking factor following the newest algorithm upgrade.

Understanding developing algorithms will enable you to identify which SEO trends are now assisting you with continuing optimization.

Google likes it

Google and search engines prefer to see a website’s content updated and improved on a regular basis.

This demonstrates to them that you are attempting to improve customer experience and deliver current information.

When they see a site with new and updated material, they know they are providing the greatest information possible to their users.

Changes in keyword volume and intent

Just as algorithms can change, so can keyword search volume, trends, and intent.

When a searcher uses specific keywords or phrases in an internet search, they are expressing their intent.

It is usually preferable to select keywords based on search intent and align the content with what is currently being rewarded.

Your content will never rank organically if you employ keywords without understanding the underlying idea behind the term.

In some cases, keywords underperform and must be replaced with new prospects that will generate quality leads and money for your company.

Information becomes obsolete

It is too simple for data to become obsolete and irrelevant, especially in the tech age.

This diminishes the value of your website and E-A-T, your site’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

If your website has outdated or incorrect information, Google will consider this a poor user experience and will not rank your page where users can find it.

Visitors to the site may also find such information useless and will move on to obtain more accurate information elsewhere.

As a result, repurposing and renewing information is critical and should be done on a frequent basis!

A Dedicated Agency Can Handle Your Ongoing SEO Maintenance

While certain continuing SEO activities are simple enough to accomplish on your own, it can be overwhelming to handle everything at once, especially if you own a small firm.

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Boostability will improve your site, content, and online presence with real staff, not a robot.

We can help your business obtain the attention and qualified traffic it needs to succeed on search engines, whether you are a small business owner or an SEO reseller looking to partner with a white-label SEO service.

Ongoing optimization can be daunting, but our staff is ready to assist!

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Best of luck!


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