Setting Up The Perfect Home Office: A Guide

Home Office

Home Office

With the pandemic changing how and where we work, plenty of people across the US are now considering making a home office from which to earn their wage. Whether that involves a work-from-home set-up with your current employer, or a freelance or consulting position you’re managing independently, working from a home office has many benefits and comforts. But how can you make this space as productive and comfortable as possible? Here are some tips on setting up the perfect office within a room in your home.


Before we move on to how you’ll make your office feel more comfortable with furniture and monitors, it’s worth highlighting that a home office will certainly require many charging points for your devices, and high internet connectivity so that you can host conference calls and use the internet continuously throughout the day. Internet providers differ in the speeds and rates they offer, so do your research before installing one of their routers in your home. One of the internet providers in Utah can guarantee high-speed internet to your home office, which means that you’ll never be left high and dry without connection when you need it the most.

Desk and Chair

Next up are the fundamentals of furniture you’ll need in your home office: somewhere to sit, and somewhere to place your laptop, your monitor, and your writing materials. Most people who work from home opt for a large desk that fills their home office room. That way, you can spread different tasks out, make piles of documents, and keep things as professional as possible – as if you were in the office rather than at home. And when it comes to chairs, look into those that are brilliant for your posture. You’re not looking for something you can slouch in, but something that keeps you alert and comfortable throughout the day.


Most office spaces are uninspiring and dull. But your home office needn’t be – it should be somewhere that a splash of your personality and your private life is welcome. Indeed, with Zoom backgrounds now the topic of high-level business conversations, it’s worth making your own a little individual and quirky in order to generate small talk on your conference calls. Look to personal photos, houseplants, paintings or other ornaments from your travels to make your home office a little more individual – differentiating it from the office you have to commute to for work.


This might seem like a strange factor, but it’s worth bringing up. The climate of a room matters for your productivity: That’s exactly why all office spaces are meticulously air conditioned, attempting to maintain the same temperature at all times. If your home office is too cold or too warm, you’ll be more distractible as you work, leading you to be less productive – especially if you’re always hopping up to close the curtains or open a window. So make sure you can manage the climate in your home office in order to keep productive when working from home.

There you have it: four key tips to help anyone make the perfect home office in 2022.

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