Sauna Vs. Hot Tub: Which Should I Install?

Sauna Vs. Hot Tub

Sauna Vs. Hot Tub

Recently, I’ve been renovating my home and thought of adding a gym downstairs. After speaking with a friend of mine who works in a health centre, I already got the equipment for my home gym. However, I was browsing through TubHQ and felt tempted to install a hot tub. Through my research, I came across the idea of getting a Sauna, but I obviously don’t have space for both. All that got me thinking, between a hot tub and a sauna, which is the better option?

The Case For Saunas

Several studies have been conducted to show the health benefits of saunas. Rimba Sauna Sydney state the using a sauna has been proven to aid muscle recovery through increasing blood flow as well as aiding in weight loss by increasing metabolism. Besides that, they are easy to maintain and cost slightly less to install. However, it is worth noting that their installation is significantly more difficult. They don’t offer any aesthetics because they aren’t visible, but they do have the advantage of increasing property value. Many skincare experts recommend saunas for cleansing skin.

The Case For Hot Tubs

Nowadays, portable hot tubs are getting more and more advanced, meaning their easy installation does not necessarily mean compromising on quality. They also have a great visual appeal, often being the focus of the room or patio they are in. Hot tubs are also great for your health, as they are better than saunas for muscle relaxation and can even aid in managing blood sugar. In my opinion, they are a better option for relieving stress. However, the cost of running a hot tub (energy, maintenance) is substantially higher than a sauna. Their installation may be relatively simpler, but they are more of a hassle to maintain. Keeping them sanitary requires regular (daily, weekly) care.

Verdict – Which Is Better?

After a lot of research, I’ve concluded that there is no logical answer to this question. That is simply due to the fact that it depends on what you, as a homeowner, want to install. If you do not enjoy saunas, then no list of health benefits will convince you to install it in your home. If you have a fear of drowning, there is no way you will enter a hot tub. Both saunas and hot tubs have no benefits if they are not being used. So here’s my two cents: go to a local spa or gym first. Try out both and see which experience you prefer. Research the health benefits and decide which effects are more important for you. If you have the capability of installing both, why not? But if you are forced to choose, due to finances or lack of space, then choose the option that is most suitable for you. Just keep in mind that both are valid options with many health benefits, and they can significantly improve your quality of life. If they do nothing, they will at least help you get a better night’s sleep. We all know how sleep deprivation can affect our lives, so this is a great benefit of both options.

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