Recommendation Hotels in Bugis, Singapore

Recommendation Hotels in Bugis, Singapore

Recommendation Hotels in Bugis, Singapore

Talking about Singapore in general, it seems like this tiny country is well-known for the luxuries of the people that come to this place. However, Singapore is not only about luxurious lifestyles/ There are so many things that you can explore in Singapore more than that. Singapore’s residents are from around the world. That’s why it is common to find diversities in daily activities. Because of multiculturalism both in languages or even tradition, Singapore is full of foreign cuisines which were given from the migrants or immigrants that come to Singapore.

A place that could describe with no words the diversity in Singapore is Bugis. Bugis is a place in Singapore, also well known as when you can buy something or even food at cheaper prices. Bugis has a unique background story back then, which also impacts how Bugis has been seen from people of view right now. We can conclude that Bugis is one of the most favorite places visited by people. This means it is also full of hotels in Bugis as a place to stay overnight from them.

If you find this article and by any chance are looking for hotel recommendations in Bugis, here are some of them you can use as references!

Hotel 81 Bugis

Hotel 81 became the first hotel recommendation to stay overnight. Even though this hotel is an only 3-star hotel, its services are way more than that could make you feel satisfied after this. Hotel 81 Bugis is full of affordable foods and clothes. This hotel location is very strategic. It might be because this hotel is in the heart of the city. Hotel 81 Bugis got a Staycation Approved on Traveloka, which means this hotel is usually used for staycations.

Not only that, hotel 81 Bugis got more than 4,000 reviews on Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. The hotel facilities, the services provided by the hotel, the food, the breakfast, and even the room. This hotel location is at 31 Middle Road, Bugis, Singapura. Not far from this hotel, there are also some attractions you can visit such as Lucky Plaza, Universal Studio Singapore, Singapore National Stadium, and many more.

V Hotel Bencoolen

Same as Hotel 82 Bugis, this V Hotel Bencoolen also got a Staycation Approved on Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, which is based on the user’s reviews. V Hotel Bencoolen is specifically located at 48 Bencoolen Street, Bencoolen, Bugis, Singapore. This hotel is quite pretty and clean. It has some different room types. It got more than 3,800 reviews on Traveloka, and most of the guests from the V Hotel Bencoolen are satisfied with the hotel services. The location is also strategic, making this hotel famous in Bugis.

This hotel also has a close destination to other places in Singapore, such as Universal Studios Singapore, Lucky Plaza, Bencoolen MRT Station, and many more. For those who are looking for a cheap hotel with great facilities, I think V Hotel Bencoolen can be an option because the price and facilities they have been offered are enough.

Besides the hotels mentioned above, Bugis district still has many accommodations that you can choose based on your needs and requests. You can find your dream room on Traveloka because Traveloka will help you to find the most suitable hotels quicker because of its technology.

If you have any chance want to go to Singapore, don’t forget to visit Bugis district to get affordable prices both for food and things. You won’t be disappointed. So, what are you looking for? Down;oad Traveloka now!

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