Professional vs. Amateur Website Designers

Web Designing

Web Designing

When building your website, whether it’s for your company or yourself, there can be a lot of decisions that have to be made.  From the layout to the font to how you want customers to interact with your website, it depends on how good a designer you can hire.

Unfortunately, the price ranges between the two vary wildly, so it can be hard to find a perfect balance. These are the main differences between the two, and what you can expect.

The Price

There’s a huge price difference between professional and amateur website design services.  Professionals usually have two to four years of education in this field and offer a massive catalog of websites so that you can see their past work.  Also, of course: they have to charge a lot more.

The average amateur charges $50 to $120 an hour, which isn’t cheap.  On the other hand, a professional can charge anywhere from $75 to $200 an hour depending on their own needs.

The Speed

This is one place where professionals can fall behind.  The speed at which they build a website can range between forty to a hundred hours, depending on the complexity of the site.  What you’re paying for here is the custom and unique setup and having the site reflect whatever needs you requested.  This ensures that your site is exactly what you want and that your customers or employees will be impressed.

An amateur can at times have a website turned around within twelve to thirty-six hours.  This is incredibly fast, but a lot of that is thanks to templates and guides they’ll use, which can make your website seem rather cookie-cutter.

The Accountability

If an amateur builds you a website, and it’s not great but you’ve already paid, some will ghost you.  They’ve received their money, and for many, that’s enough.  Instead of completing more work for you, they’ll decide to stop responding or will come up with excuses to make it your fault.

Professionals will be able to be contacted the moment anything goes wrong.  This ensures you can follow up with them, and they’ll edit whatever you need.  Some edits may take time and will cost extra money depending on what’s required, but generally, they’ll work with you to find a solution to create the website your company will want.

The Final Result

After all is said and done and you’ve paid for the product, what are you left with?  Using a professional ensures that the site you get to use is one that you can change later on. In addition, it is easy for your customers to interact with, encouraging purchases or getting people to enter the information you need.

If you go with an amateur, you may be able to afford it, and they may turn it in faster, but it’s not going to give you what you’ll get from someone who knows what they’re doing. So take your time, budget for it, and find someone who can offer your company what it deserves.

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