Permanent Recruitment Agencies – An Understanding

Permanent Recruitment Agencies - An Understanding

Permanent Recruitment Agencies – An Understanding

Understanding The Process Of Recruitment: 

A permanent recruitment agency is a facilitating agency which bridges the gap between potential employers and the candidates. Besides placements it also helps the candidates improve and streamline their resumes, hone their interview skills and acquire jobs best suited to their skill set.

Once you know what type of resume you need, start looking for a resume maker that offers templates for that type of resume. Many resume makers have pre-designed templates that you can use, which will save you time and help ensure that your resume is professional and polished.

For the organizations, the agencies help out in screening and vetting out the applications, head hunting, and initial drawing up of contracts.

Recruitment or staffing are of two types – Permanent and Contractual.

Contractual Recruitment is when employers look for employees to complete a particular task or for a short period. The employees complete their contracts and move on to the following company looking to hire them. It provides flexibility to both employers and employees.

Permanent Recruitment is when an organization hires candidates for long-term employment based on a particular skill set. Permanent recruitment agencies help the employees and employers meet halfway. They act as the go-between making sure that the candidate and the organization are a correct fit for each other, resulting in a win-win situation from both ends.

Permanent Recruitment Agency:

Hiring permanent employees and absorbing them into your workforce is a serious commitment. The employee has to be the right fit for the organization. Permanent recruitment focuses on hiring the candidates with the skill set required for the job and being willing to learn and grow with the company. The permanent employees have full-time contracts and also enjoy the benefits and perks the company provides to them.

A permanent recruitment agency is a facilitator between the employer and the employee. Through the assistance of an international PEO company, you can easily find employees that will fulfill job requirements within a decreased search time. Their job is to match the employee with the right job most suited for their skill set and personality.

Permanent Recruitment Agencies – An Employers Perspective: –

  • Hunting and recruiting the right people suited to the job and your organization is an arduous task. It requires a considerable amount of time and skill and is sometimes a struggle to go through the process. A recruitment agency works as the facilitator between the organization and the candidate.
  • The recruitment agency will study and understand the client’s business module, specific industry requirements, and the corporate culture to best understand the candidate profile suited to the Organization.
  • Recruitment agencies have an extensive candidate database at hand. Using a recruitment agency makes sense as it reduces the cost and time spent in the advertising and shortlisting of candidates.
  • The recruitment agency does the marketing, advertising, managing submissions, screening, and shortlisting the candidates from the applications.
  • The recruitment agencies also have a panel of experts on board who consult on labour laws, corporate culture, salaries, industry trends and then send out recommendations based on the organizational culture and the personality of the candidate.
  • Recruitment agencies run a thorough background check on the candidate (including references, criminal records, credit ratings, qualification checks, etc.). They also conduct an initial screening interview before suggesting a placement.
  • Online job portals flood the company site with job applications en masse. Many of these may not be suitable for the job. A recruitment agency can cut through the noise and vet out the relevant and most qualified candidates for the Organization.
  • The recruitment agency charges are a one-time fee, which is usually a percentage of the candidate’s annual income.

Permanent Recruitment Agencies: A Candidate’s Perspective

  • The effort and time, it takes to find a well-paying and decent job in a sector of your choice can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you have been in the market for a job for a while and haven’t had any breakthroughs. Fluctuating global economic conditions further worsen the problem for the candidates.
  • These are the conditions where permanent recruitment agencies can facilitate things for candidates. Recruitment agencies are a professional and expert network and handle the job search on your behalf and help you manage the job hunt and screening process. The ultimate goal of a recruitment agency is to work with employers and job seekers and facilitate matching the right candidate to the right job. They are experts in their field and can check and reference the multiple factors involved such as qualification and education, skills and experience, salary expectations and job profile, market trends, future growth potential (for the candidate and the organization), culture fit, etc. Therefore, recruitment companies can be the critical factor in unlocking job opportunities you have been seeking and those that align with your vision of your present needs and circumstances.
  • They act as partners in your job search. They help you refine your resume and write up a more concise and streamlined one that focuses on your strengths.  They connect you with potential employers and guide you in your career path if they do not have an opening.
  • After submitting your CV on their website, a recruiter may get in touch with you. This may be in a telephonic interview or a video conference call. The interview helps the recruiter understand your career motivations and aspirations and what type of organization and job would be best suited for you.
  • Being candid and building a rapport with the recruiter is a good move as it helps them know you and your personality better. Professional honesty and candour allow them to secure suitable job placement for you. Once they can narrow down the job for you, they may then help you prepare for the interview.

Permanent Recruitment Services in Dubai: –

Agencies providing permanent recruitment services in Dubai, in fact in the UAE are required to register themselves and procure a license from the government. Many international permanent recruiting firms have their branches in Dubai. The Candidate can register with the company and avail of their services.

One of the things to be careful about is that the firm should be registered with the government of the UAE. Candidates can register themselves, and the agency gets in touch with them as soon as an opening suit their profile. Please note that the candidates do not have to pay anything to the permanent recruitment agency as the onus of fees to the permanent recruitment services agency lies with the employer.

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