PDFBear: Your Work From Home Essential Tool For Your Paperless Document Needs



The pandemic has taken a toll on our everyday lives. Living the new normal is still something we’ve yet to get fully adjusted to. Offices have now implemented work from home for their employees to stay safe. Instead of braving long commutes and exposure to so many other people, staying at home is the best way to be safe at this time. We can’t see what we’re battling, so always taking precautions is your best bet.

With this, working from home means dealing with paperless documents, most specifically in PDF format. We’ll tell you more about why PDFs are the best choice for family formats in a little while. But for now, we’ll introduce you to a great online tool to help you with all your PDF needs. Keep reading to find out more.

What is PDFBear?

If you’re wondering, “how to convert files to PDF?” or “how to convert PDF to PNG?” or “How to merge PDF files?” then you’ve come to the right place. We want to help you make the most out of your PDF files with awesome services provided by PDFBear. This is an online software as a service tool (or Saas) which allows you to easily and quickly convert raw files to PDF and vice versa! You can also do other things like add watermark, add page numbers, and so much more!

Before using PDFBear, you need not make any account, payment, or subscription. Just use your computer, smartphone or tablet to access their website via an internet connection and you’re good to go!  No need for any additional downloads or plug-ins! Also, you can be sure that your files are secure. The PDFBear website auto deletes uploaded files from their server after an hour. So, no worries about your files getting into the wrong hands! Awesome, right?

So, why PDFs, anyway?

Now that we’ve given you a brief introduction of PDFBear, let’s dive into why most (if not all) paperless documents are in PDF format. You have most likely come across plenty of this file format and you’re probably wondering why. Well, this file type is the most convenient and accessible of all paperless file formats. You can access this file type on any electronic device such as a computer, smartphone, tablet. There’s no need for a special app to open this file type, so access is easy and direct. Also, you don’t have to worry about any changes in its formatting or look. When you save a PDF file, it will look the same on all devices, and even when printed! The biggest problem with raw file formats is they tend to change their formatting, depending on the device or the version of the software used. This is a big hassle in sharing or sending files. So, to make it easier for you and your recipient, convent your raw files to PDF format. In the long run, you’ll also save more disk space as this file type takes up lesser memory space compared to other file formats. Awesome, right?

Some Awesome PDFBear Features

So now that we’ve given you both an introduction to PDFBear and a rundown on why PDFs are the best file format, let’s get into a few awesome PDFBear features to help you out with your paperless document needs.

Word to PDF

Word files are the most common for writing letters or requests for your company or business. But as we’ve mentioned, raw files tend to change in formatting. Since Word files usually come in “.doc” or “.docx” format, their overall look changes depending on what device or software is used. Sending a Word file to your colleague or boss might just hassle them, so convert them to PDF first and avoid giving them any trouble.


Making logos or watermarks is crucial for work or businesses. But when the file is in PDF, you might have a hard time turning it into an image. Fret not, as this is not a problem with PDFBear. You can easily make your PDF into a PNG image quickly!

Merge PDF

As an employee, you will most likely work on a big project with a team. This will involve several individual PDF files. Sending or presenting many individual files is a hassle. Make things easier for your colleagues, boss, or supervisor by first merging everything. This lessens the hassle of downloading everything one by one. It’s also more professional to make things easier for your recipient.

Quick and easy with PDFBear

You will never go wrong with PDFBear. Conversion and modification of files are quick and easy! And all for free! So try it out for yourself and never be dumbfounded with paperless documents. Go on and give it a go!

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