Online Reputation Management Guide 

Many people aren’t yet familiar with the strand of online marketing called Online Reputation Management. This is a profession devoted to protecting the names of individuals and companies online. Whereas SEO is about having your website rank for generic keywords, and branding is about getting people to recognise and like your brand as a brand, this is about the Google results for your name. 

PR can only go so far, and many PR agencies do not have the expertise to help people with online reputation management issues. Lawyers can make the problem worse, as their objective is to get you in court (where anything you say can be printed in the media) which is bad for your reputation as it generates new unwanted content. Social media can help promote your positive pages above some negatives, but a direct approach is also needed. You can check Facebook negative reviews removal service for removing negative reviews from your Facebook page.

This is where online reputation management comes in. It is a mixture of online PR, social media, SEO and direct reporting of the negative content. ORM companies like Pure Reputation also have the expertise to use crowdsourcing and edit Wikipedia pages, press outreach as well as build microsites. Having a mix of strategies and abilities will ensure that you have the greatest chance of success. 

There are many different kinds of negative content, including negative news, negative images (sometimes from newspapers), negative social media posts, negative blog posts or blogs and more. Sometimes your Google Suggest results or Wikipedia page are affected. Bad reviews affect companies and has a direct impact on sales and keeping existing clients. Ensuring that positive reviews are also posted adds value to users and provides a more accurate reflection of your company. 

If you are affected by Online Reputation Management issues, then do something about it. Companies are out there that can help. You can contact Online Reputation Management companies like Pure Reputation for advice and see what can be done about it. Don’t put up with it. 


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