Mobile Phone Usage Behaviour of UK’s Apple iPhone Owners

Understanding the innate behaviours of mobile phone users can shed light on how to develop marketing strategies, improve engagement and practically everything else. User habits on the most popular mobile device in existence, the iPhone, can be especially useful to those who engage with mobile users. Below, we outline some examples of these behaviours.

Prevalent Behaviours

Most people now have mobile devices, but they aren’t merely used for making calls. When it comes to the iPhone, there are plenty of widely-practiced behaviours that come with daily ownership.

Checking email and text messages is by far the most popular activity, with 96% of mobile phone users reporting frequent use of these features. Coming in second place, roughly 90% state that they frequently use their mobile phones to make phone calls. Browsing the web is a popular feature on iPhones, with roughly 87% of individuals engaging in this behaviour regularly. Reading news columns and taking photos are also popular activities, with roughly 80% of iPhone users reporting that they do these two activities frequently.

Camera Activity

With entire social networks dedicated to the sharing of photos from daily life, it comes as no surprise that iPhone users regularly take photos of just about everything. What are the most common subjects of iPhone users’ photo lenses? Friends and family ranks first by a lot, with roughly 55% of all iPhone camera users reporting that they regularly take this kind of photo. Coming in second are pictures of animals and pets, with around twelve percent of users capturing critters on iPhones.

From there, the list becomes less distinct, but landmarks and buildings rank a distant third (about eight percent of iPhone users frequently take and share these pictures). Selfies are the number four most-popular iPhone camera activity, being regularly taken by around seven percent of all iPhone users. Lastly, food and drink items – commonly shared on networks such as Instagram – rounds out the top five, with around five percent of iPhone owners regularly snapping photos of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

iPhone Version by Region

The United Kingdom has all types of iPhones scattered throughout every county and corner, but where is each version of the iPhone most prevalent?

The original iPhone from many years ago can be found most often in East Anglia, with roughly eight percent of all iPhones in operation in the area being this type.

The iPhone 3 is most commonly found in Wales, where roughly 1 in 6 iPhones are the iPhone 3.

The iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 are most common in Northern Ireland, where a combined 46 percent of all iPhones are one of these two types.

The iPhone 4S can be found most often in the South West, where roughly 1 in 3 iPhones are this version.

Last but not least, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 models are most common in London, comprising roughly fifty percent of all iPhones still in operation in the area.

Common Daily Uses

Throughout all regions in the UK, what mobile activities are the most common among iPhone users? The results might surprise you.

London, being the most connected area in the UK, takes first place in many areas. London iPhone residents are more likely to go shopping, use social media read e-books, watch videos, cook and listen to music than any other area in the country.

When it comes to taking photos, East Anglia is the most snap-happy region; 85 percent of all iPhone users report taking photos almost every day.

In the North East, exercise is the name of game, as roughly 4 in 5 iPhone users report regularly using their devices to access exercise and fitness apps.

In the North West, shopping and photography are the most two popular activities among iPhone users on a regular basis, while in the West Midlands, e-books and music are the two most popular daily behaviours.

Daily Transit Use

Whether people drive themselves, take the bus or use some other form of transit, how often do iPhone users by region interact with their devices? The results might surprise you.

In London (where mass transit is much more common), roughly 4 out of 5 iPhone users report using their devices daily during trips to and from work.

In the North East, around 75 percent of users access apps, email and other functions while commuting.

Northern Ireland comes in third, with about 70 percent of commuters reporting that their iPhones are used when travelling.

The North West and Scotland iPhone users are the least likely to access their devices when on the go, with roughly 60 percent of users in both regions playing on their devices while in transit.


The data collected from iPhone users regarding their daily habits paints a picture for many brands and marketers, helping them to determine which products, apps, and other services may be received better from region to region. It also illustrates how no two iPhone users are identical.

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