MilesWeb Review: Why We Recommend Them for Managed VPS Hosting?

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When it comes to hosting your personal or professional websitewe need to make a thorough list of the needs of our website. After all, it is we who know our website’s traffic and its behavior accordingly. It is as per these necessities that we finalize, as to which type of hosting is best fit to derive the best results from our website.

We all opt for shared hosting to begin with and it is a great option. But, as we move ahead with the increasing online presence, we do come to know that shared hosting has started to behave like those clothes which are used to fit well months or years ago, and now they’ve started to be the best examples of a misfit. Obviously, for our clothes, it depends on the body type. Similarly, for websites, it depends on the flow of traffic each website attracts on the day in and day out basis. In hosting business going and getting a size up for the website is generally, getting to VPS from shared hosting. Here, VPS or the Virtual Private Server has certain allocated system resources, unlike the shared hosting where you need to share all the system resources with other websites.

Once you’ve decided to go for VPS hosting then the next question is whether to opt for cheap managed VPS hosting or unmanaged (self-managed) VPS hosting.

What is Unmanaged(Self-managed) VPS?

Unmanaged VPS hosting or as mostly termed as self-managed VPS hosting is where your host just performs some basic one-time tasks such as the installation of the operating system. The rest of the tasks are to be taken care of by the website owner. These tasks comprise of:

  • Installations of appropriate software, control panel and plugins with being regularly alert for updates.
  • Proper monitoring of security threats, security patch installations, bug fixing is another most important regular task.
  • If in case you face hardware failure or any other outage, your host might not give you all the support you have to tackle it on your own.
  • Regular updates is another tedious task for self-managed hosting.
  • Most important is setting up your site’s backup, time and again to avoid any mishap of losing data due to any mistake.

Hence, unmanaged hosting is for those who are technically skilled or those who have technically sound people to perform the above-mentioned tasks on regular basis.

What about Managed VPS hosting then?

A website owner who is not much technically aware or who doesn’t have people to do the technical tasks mentioned in the above section can opt for managed VPS. In managed VPS hosting, all these required and regular tasks are taken care of by the hosting provider. Their team of IT professionals makes sure that your server is up and running round the clock. 

You can expect the following essentials from a cheap yet up to the mark managed web hosting provider:

Server and all other initial setups to begin with 

Installation of the control panel, server software, required applications and operating system is the duty of the web hosting provider when it comes to managed VPS hosting.

  • Regular Updates

Not only the installation, but also the regular updates of applications and OS along with fine-tuning of the server is the task of the web host.

  • Installing security patches

The web host has to ensure installation and timely updates of security patches for your OS.

  • Proper Monitoring

Monitoring of your website for warning signs of malicious attack or hardware failure has to be done by the web host provider.

  • Proper and Regular backup 

If you face any accidental data loss then in case of the managed web host provider, they will maintain a backup of your website.

Hosting providers such as MilesWeb offer both Managed and Self-Managed VPS hosting plans.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a web hosting company based in India. Established in 2012, it offers one of the best web hosting services with the most updated technology boosting your website’s performance. When it comes to managed VPS hosting, they offer one the most budget-friendly yet filled with features hosting plan. MilesWeb has one of the most professional and dedicated customer support teams to help their customers with issues and queries. 

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