3 Ways To Make Money On Flippa

Make Money On Flippa

Make Money On Flippa

If you have already decided to do business on Flippa, you have 3 methods to choose the one that is most viable for you, or to apply them in combination:

Buy and fix existing websites

A few years ago these television programs in which people bought a foreclosed, dilapidated or undervalued house became very fashionable; then they fixed it and then resold it profitably. Have you seen them? Although the real estate market is downhill, the business model is still alive and well on the internet.

What you have to do is buy websites that are undervalued and then fix them to sell them at their real value.

For example, a site that has great content but is horribly designed drives away your visitors. Or maybe a site that had a significant volume of traffic but has stopped promoting it for a while. You can always look for these sites with the potential to do business.

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What are the websites with potential that you should be aware of?

– A site that you have converted in the past, that has made a lot of sales but marketing efforts were abandoned and therefore decreased in value.

– A good site that its previous owners have failed to properly monetize.

– A site with a lot of original content. No rewritten articles, PLR articles, or the like. Look for good content, since perhaps they were not successful because they did not have a good SEO strategy and web design success behind.

In addition to identifying sites with potential, there is another key to calculating the risk of your investment.

Let’s see:

Most websites sell for 8-25 times your monthly income. Logically, the best sites are within 25 times. So, taking into account your improvements (and what they will cost) calculate how much you think you will earn per month and thus you will know if your investment is worth it or not. The potential is really good when you think you can increase that monthly income 8 times.

Create and sell new sites

The above method is a great way to make money, but since you and I are not the only ones who have heard of it, let’s evaluate another business opportunity.

Build your own website from scratch to sell on Flippa!

Of course, while you can sell brand new sites on Flippa, you will find that you are able to make a lot more money selling a site with an established income history. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry – there are some relatively easy approaches you can take to build a site that is ready for sale on Flippa:

– Build a website to use Adsense targeting a “long tail” keyword. To be successful: find a long tail with a low level of competition and a high CPC average. Hosting it on an exact match domain places about 10 original content articles, and sends traffic to this website. When you’re making between $ 20 and $ 30 a month, you can sell it for a few hundred dollars on Flippa. Check out our resources to search for keywords, hire your domain, and find freelancers.

– Create an ebook or digital product that solves a problem (evaluate people’s questions in niche forums). Next, create a simple landing page and post it on the most popular forums of your chosen niche. This will increase your monthly income and therefore the amount of money that you will be paid for the site on Flippa. Follow our guide to create your e-books and sell them successfully.

– Create an affiliate blog. These types of pages contain affiliate product reviews and they tend to convert quite a bit if they are well thought out and look professional. You can gain natural traffic by using good keywords, and you can further increase your earnings by driving traffic to the site before selling it like this blog. Here we explain how to create a good affiliate store.

Logically, starting from scratch requires more work, but you have to bear in mind that buying other sites you will also have to work, make changes, and test improvements to maximize your profits before selling it. The decision between the first method and this one only depends on your skills, experience, and what you can invest to buy sites on Flippa.

When in doubt, play it safe

The hardest part of building a website from scratch to sell on Flippa is that you have no guarantee that it will sell for enough value to cover your expenses and that it will be worth it. The solution? Playing it safe is creating the sites that have historically sold well on Flippa!

Here are some of the types of sites that seem to always sell well on Flippa.

The secret of these sites that are sold seems to be this: the web page is ready, complete, with content and it looks pretty. That is: everything is done, the seller should only buy it, bring traffic, and wait for sales to skyrocket. Even pages of this type are sold that have not made any income yet!

These web pages in general are:

  • Reselling traffic and SEO services. For example, pages that sell traffic and backlink packages. These are available cheaper on freelancing sites such as Fiverr or oDesk and are sold more expensively to make a profit.
  • Package and sell PLR products. There are tons of PLR products on the market that you can get cheaply. You can repackage and sell them as new on your Flippa website. You give them a new name, better graphics, and another sales letter. They’re not our favorites, but shoppers love them because they seem like a piece of cake.
  • Autoblogs. Whether or not you feel that these types of web pages are ethical, there is no doubt that people believe that these sites require less work to be successful and that is why they buy them. The idea is to create a beautiful web page and publish content that is extracted from other sites (you can “cite sources” to feel less guilty). The most chosen are those of the type “viral content” and “curious news” to monetize with Adsense.

Obviously, there is much more than these three methods when it comes to being really successful on Flippa, but you will find that if you start on the right foot, following any of these three methods, or all three, you will have less room for error.

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