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LinkedIn is a social networking site that professionals and students extensively use for several purposes. You will be amazed to know that Microsoft owns it. This itself speaks of its reputation. Professionals belonging to the same industry, field, etc., can get in touch with each other. Students can make their profile and have a resume on it. 

Linkedin as a networking platform

It proves to be beneficial in searching for jobs.  A lot of recruiters refer to the site to hire candidates. Since the recommendations, credibility, etc., are mentioned, it builds trust in your profile. It is not just a social networking site but also a job searching site because if you have a profile, you can search for recruiters, companies, etc. You can also join groups that are formed on LinkedIn and be part of discussions that are held. You shall have updated information regarding your industry.

Before moving on to the main part of the article, let’s know the different purposes of using LinkedIn. You can use it for gaining knowledge and getting in touch with professionals. You can keep posting articles on your page and generate traffic. It can also be used for generating authentic leads. Another important purpose is advertising on LinkedIn. Since the social networking site is growing at an exponential rate, advertising on it is extremely beneficial. Let’s know everything about it. In the article, you shall know how to advertise on linkedin?

Let’s first know the benefits of advertising on LinkedIn, and then move on to the procedure and tools used. In the article, you shall come across all the information about the advertising feature on LinkedIn. Before wasting any further time, let’s get started-

Benefits of Advertising On LinkedIn-

Since all the professionals use social networking site, there are many advantages of advertising there. Let’s know it all-

  • Advertising on a network like LinkedIn increases the conversion rates. Since the site builds trust among the users, the rate at which you create customers is high. 
  • You have different advertising tools on LinkedIn, of which you can make the most of it. These tools are unique and hence, enable faster conversion. Some of the tools are sponsored mail, sponsored posts, ads, etc.
  • The best part about advertising on LinkedIn is the professional audience that it has. Your target audience is a group of educated people; belong to a higher income group, etc. The possibility of them being your customer is much more than the general population. It is the major difference between LinkedIn and other social media networking sites.
  • If you wish to target a particular sector, even that is possible. That’s because LinkedIn is extremely organized and, you can approach people belonging to a particular profession. In short, if you wish to target business customers, LinkedIn is the best option available. Besides, any other service or customer-based product of specific industries, job profiles, etc., can be advertised.
  • Lead nurturing is possible on LinkedIn, and hence, the possibility of having customers increases. You can also initiate a marketing campaign on LinkedIn. It could be a difficult task, but if conducted successfully can prove to be very useful.

You must be decided about advertising on LinkedIn. However, you would be having hundreds of questions in your head. The article shall try to answer all the questions. The first possible question would be how to go about doing it? Let’s understand the process step by step-

How to go about doing it? – 

The steps of advertising on LinkedIn are extremely simple. You can start planning for it as soon as you leave the page. Let’s quickly know the steps-

  • You need to choose between self-service or managed accounts. In the latter, you shall be in touch with the teams of professionals, who shall help you in the entire process, right from the start to the end. You can have text ads, sponsored content, etc., by opting for self-service. 
  • You can keep track of your advertisement in the campaign manager section. You can see the performance of your ad, number of clicks, etc., here itself.
  • You need to decide the format of your advertisement. It means that you will have to select the sponsored text, content, both, etc. Text ads appear on the top, bottom, side, etc., on the LinkedIn member’s feed. Simultaneously, sponsored content is a much effective strategy, as the updates about the company are displayed on the company page.
  • You need to create your ad creatively with multiple variations, whether sponsored content or text advertisement.
  • There are different options available in terms of cost. You can select the one that suits you from the campaign manager. 
  • Once the advertisement is live, you can see the performance. Those that are not working need to be removed and those that are working should be promoted.

Before ending the article, let’s know the different types of advertisements that can be done on LinkedIn. Here are some of them- LinkedIn sponsored content, LinkedIn Text ad, LinkedIn sponsored Mail, Programmatic display ad, dynamic ads, etc. Now, you have every possible knowledge about advertising on LinkedIn. Make an account, advertise, etc., and make the most of this social networking site with the help of https://techsupremo.com/.

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