Laundry Washing Service vs Dry Cleaning Service

Laundry Washing Service vs Dry Cleaning Service

Laundry Washing Service vs Dry Cleaning Service

So you’re not sure if laundry washing service or dry cleaning service will be best for you? Is this simply because you do not fully understand the differences between laundry washing and dry cleaning.

Not a problem, the process revolving around laundry washing and dry cleaning isn’t too hard to comprehend. Reflecting on the types of damages that can be done to your clothing if using the wrong cleaning method.

Differences between laundry washing and dry cleaning

The primary difference between laundry washing and dry cleaning is the solvent being used. For example, while using the laundry washing method, water will be your solvent.

Dry cleaning on the other hand uses a stronger solvent than water. Each garment may require a different kind of chemical solution. It all depends on the pre-emption of the dry cleaner. However, one of the most frequently used solvents will be Perchloroethylene or Hydrocarbon. Depending on the dry cleaner some may say Perchloroethylene, commonly known as Perc is much stronger than Hydrocarbon.

This requires the cycle timing to be much longer due to the lack of aggressiveness Hydrocarbon provides.

The differences in processing

Laundry Cleaning

The whole process of this will be a wet one. You will be using your desired detergent as well as bleach with a mixture of water. There will be a few things you should keep in mind when doing this process.

Before you begin anything you want to fix any imperfections in your clothing. Whether it’s turning certain jeans inside out. Take anything out of your pockets that you do not wish to wash. Then if you notice stains on any of your garments, you can apply any treatment beforehand. After you got that out the way, you want to sort out the clothes by colour.

Meaning all coloured clothes will be washed with coloured and all whites will be washed with whites. Now you are ready to begin washing. The garments will be put into a washing machine mixed with your desired detergent and water.

After the laundry wash cycle is complete, you will then put your clothing into a dryer. During this process, you will see how the dryer will eliminate the water by using a spinning method. Despite this laundry washing is a very useful method to wash clothing, not all times are stains removed. Before folding and packaging your clothing, you will again inspect to see if any repairs need to be made. Examples include but are not limited to, buttons missing, ironing, or pressing the garments out for ready-to-wear.

Dry cleaning

This process begins with the drop-off of your clothing. Either the dry cleaner has the equipment on-site, or they transmit your clothing to their cleaning facility. You can already sense the process is a whole lot different than Landry cleaning. Both processes require you to inspect your clothing and tagging it.

This will help eliminate any blaming game. Upon inspection, you will take notice of any stains that need corrections before the dry cleaning process. The actual dry cleaning process requires you to load the garments into a drum machine using a water-free solution. Then your clothing will gently agitate in the solvent.

Water will be drained and recycled, your clothing will be rinsed in a new batch of solutions to help get rid of any leftover dirt. In some cases, streams, water, or vacuums are used to treat clothing if all stains weren’t successfully removed. Unlike laundry washing, wrinkles are very rare so ironing may not be needed. In most cases just a press.

The differences between cost values for each method

Dry cleaning service would be deemed a tab bit more expensive than laundry washing service because of the expensive solutions being used. As well as dry brushing.

What is the difference between laundry washing and dry cleaning?

You have to be mindful that when using the laundry washing method, your clothes may shrink. If you are not careful in the process of which you apply heat to your garments. You may also experience colour changes or colour fades with this method of cleaning. Both methods may be needed to assist certain garments if one solution hasn’t worked properly.

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