Is Instagram really worth our time?



Did you know that the average Instagram user spends 40 minutes to 3 hours a day on the application? There are currently over 6 million active accounts in U.S (and this number is still growing), and 80% of their owners log in to their profile every day. This data shows the great potential of promoting on Instagram. Find out what to do to make your business benefit!

From the text, you will learn:

  • why is it worth promoting the brand on Instagram,
  • what free actions will increase the effectiveness of your posts
  • how to promote a post in Instagram news,
  • which tool to use to set up a paid ad on IG,
  • how to set an ad on InstaStory,
  • how much is advertising on Instagram?

“Insta” focuses primarily on the image – filters, interesting scenery, captivating photographs. If they attract the viewer, then he/she will also be interested in the description. And from here, it is only a step for the observer to click on your ad and then buy the product or book the service. For more reach and a better experience, you can use Instagram post scheduler.

Young users and a focus on graphics – discover the potential of promotion on Instagram.

Instagram is a portal dominated by young recipients – teenagers and the so-called young adults (age: 15-34). The portal uses formats that strongly attract them: aesthetic photos, emoticons, gifs, and short videos. At first glance, Instagram looks simpler and more aesthetically pleasing than Facebook, which currently has a lot of content.

The main advantages of brand presence and promoting posts on Instagram are:

  • low advertising costs,
  • advertising in a place where people spend every free moment,
  • the fact that Instagram users are looking for inspiration and ideas for themselves (their style, interior, etc.),
  • the fact that Instagram users are more likely to respond to published content (compared to Facebook users).

Instagram promotion – you can do a lot without paying!

Already have your business account on Instagram? Great! To get off to a good start of broadly understood promotional activities, in the beginning, we have a few suggestions for what you will do for your brand without paying a penny. Remember these little tweaks, and many more potential customers will see your posts!

  • Use hashtags – popular slogans with a # sign in front of them work like tags on the blog, categorizing photos thematically. Thanks to this, you will reach a group of people interested in a given topic with your brand’s posts. Remember that hashtags should be related to what is in the photo – otherwise, they can be confusing. When posting about a new collection of summer shoes in your online store, use, for example, #beauty, #nowosc, #heels, # pearls, #buy, #fashion, #girl, #Insta, etc.
  • Encourage dialogue, “catch on”, ask questions tailored to your products and potential recipients – for example: “Which of the novelties in the photo would you like to have in your wardrobe?”.
  • Use the Instagram algorithm – check your account statistics and publish posts on those days and hours when you notice the most follower activity.
  • Inform about your IG profile on other social networks, such as Facebook.

How to promote an Instagram post? Advertising in the news

Your Instagram ad in the news feeds just like a regular post from the person you’re following. At first glance, you may not even notice that it is an advertisement – to the internet user is likely to focus on it just like on posts published by friends.

How to run an Instagram ad? You don’t even need to use a computer. You can do it conveniently in the Instagram application.

  1. Publish the post you want to promote on your profile or choose one of the ones you already have. Click the “Promote” button.
  2. Choose your advertising target (where you want to redirect the user who clicks on the ad).
  3. Set a CTA (call to action) and target audience. If you choose to manually choose your potential audience’s location, interests, age, and gender. All this will help the advertisement reach those people who may be interested in your products or services.
  4. Select the duration of the campaign and the budget you want to spend on the ad. To be effective, we recommend you start promoting on Instagram from a minimum of PLN 10-20 a day. After this step, start the promotion.

Promoting Instagram posts with an ad manager

Another Instagram ad builder is the ad manager, which you probably already know if you’re experienced setting up Facebook ads. FB and IG are two products from the same company – so a common panel makes setting up promotions much easier. All you need to do is follow the manager’s instructions for an FB advertisement, and in the “Placements” section, select the place where your ad should be displayed.

Interestingly, promoting on Instagram through the FB manager does not require your company to have an IG account. Regardless, it is worth having them because of the other benefits that we write about in this article.

You can find out more about setting up an ad using the FB manager in the Facebook help section and our article on cheap advertising on the Internet.

Promoting corporate Instagram on InstaStory

Another option for paid promotion of an Instagram account is advertising in InstaStory, i.e., a place where users view their friends’ stories, available only 24 hours from the moment of publication. The big advantage of this method is that the ads in InstaStory can be skipped but not overlooked. So everyone who will see your ad based on targeting (selecting the target group) will have the opportunity to know its content quickly. The story must be interesting enough to stop the user for a moment and encourage him to click – otherwise, it will disappear quickly. Once again, the truth is confirmed that Instagram is a medium in which an attractive image is most important!

To set up a promotion on InstaStory, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the ad manager and select “Create.”
  2. Choose a target for your ad.
  3. Fill in the details. At the “Locations” level, select the “Stories” field.
  4. Set your budget and schedule. Then follow the directions.
  5. Select the single image, single movie, or carousel as your ad format.
  6. Add selected images, videos, polls, and more to your ad. If you like, use Relationship Templates – a free design tool that lets you turn any material into a vertical animation for InstaStories Stories.
  7. Ready! Your ad is already starting to appear in the stories of selected Instagram users.

Promotion on Instagram – advertising price

Are you wondering how much does advertising on Instagram costs? Fortunately, it is not expensive (much cheaper than on Facebook), and its price depends on the number of clicks – i.e., how many users are interested in your promotion. Therefore, it is a cost that has a real chance to be paid back in the form of a sold product from your store or an appointment at your hairdressing or beauty salon.

As we mentioned, Instagram is a highly visual-oriented portal, so the success of your ad depends heavily on a good idea and a successful graphic design. For this reason, some industries on IG sell better (e.g., fashion, beauty, interior), some slightly worse (e.g., business), but the prices still range from 20 to only 50 groszy per click on a given advertisement.

Check out the sample results of promoting Instagram of a company from the interior design industry. The following statistics apply to advertising targeted at recipients interested in the following categories: Architecture & Design, Interior Architecture, Renovation, House or Architecture. A click for less than 10 cents is a very low cost!

Promotion on Instagram is a great chance to increase the popularity of your company on the web, as well as to increase profits. Follow our tips and give a chance to a portal where many young people spend up to several hours a day! Check also how to set up an Instagram store.

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