Is Content Still The King Of SEO? Why Is It So Important?



If you’ve ever heard the marketing expression: “Content is King”, you’re likely wondering what all the fuss is about. Why is content considered to be so important for your search engine optimization? Do you need to have lots of it? Or can you get by with fewer articles of a much higher calibre? In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know…

1. It’s a massive ranking factor for Google

Search engine optimization has gone through many changes over the years but one thing that has always been a high priority for Google is content. They’re so obsessed with content in fact, that they recently released a new algorithm update called the: “people-first content” update in August 2022.

This was part of their drive towards rewarding websites that create unique, engaging, and helpful content for their target audience.

In other words, the more information you can offer on a given subject, the better.

But, it’s not just about the information within, it’s how easy it is to digest, how well it is presented, and whether it is paired with useful infographics and engaging video content. To discover more about SEO agencies please visit EngineRoom.

2. It keeps your brand relevant and trustworthy

If you have a blog on your website that is regularly updated with the latest information on your industry, products, and services, it will keep you relevant both in the eyes of your audience and Google.

If you stop producing content, your competitors will be plugging those gaps and you will invariably miss out on some incredibly valuable traffic.

3. It can help prospective customers overcome their own objections

Quality content can serve you in so many different ways. Take an FAQ section as the perfect example: by addressing frequently asked questions with clear and concise answers, you can help your prospective customers to overcome their own objections.

For example, rather than having to send you an email and wait for a response (during which time they might go to a competitor website), they may be able to refer to your FAQ, get the info they need, and then proceed to make a purchase.

4. Content gives voice to your brand

Without content your brand is just a logo, some colours, and your product. With content however, you can give voice to your brand and effectively bring it to life.

Case and point: what is the first thing you think of when you see a pair of Nike shoes? “Just do it.”

The power of language, when harnessed well, can be an incredibly powerful tool indeed.

5. It can help you increase your reach through a variety of mediums

There are so many different ways in which you can create content – and platforms through which you can promote it:

  • Podcasts on YouTube
  • Hashtags on Insta
  • Polls on LinkedIn
  • Blogs via your website
  • Guest blogs for link building
  • Reviews in subreddits and Quora
  • Product reviews on TikTok

With a diverse content portfolio, the likes of Google will be far more likely to rank you well – particularly if that content is genuinely useful, authentic, and ‘share-worthy’.


Content creation is essential if you want to cut through all of the noise and be heard. There are so many different brands and businesses scrabbling for attention and it can get very messy out there.

However, just because there’s a lot of competition, it doesn’t mean that you can’t build an audience of your own.

With consistency, the right strategy, and some talented writers at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Feeling overwhelmed? If you’re in the San Diego area, find a reputable San Diego SEO company to help you put together an effective content marketing strategy. That way, you can focus your time and attention on doing what you do best, and leave the gruntwork to the pros.