In-Demand Programming Language 2021 

Programming Language

Programming Language

We all are entering the era of digital space, and technology advancement is at its peak.

Everything is getting online during this pandemic, and software programmers are in demand to get most of the things online. More than 1.5 million programmer jobs are on the card by 2026.

So if you are a developer looking to expand your programming skill in 2021, here are some highly profitable programming languages to broaden your career growth.

1- Python 

Python is one of the popular programming languages to learn and start your career as a programmer. Python is an easy language to understand, easy to develop, easy to code, simple syntax, a library of standards and toolkit, and a combination of other programming languages such as C and C++. It covers all the basic computer science concepts that help to build all basic programming skills. Many startups generally use Python for their backend stack, which led to a great opportunity for full-stack python developers. More than 30k job opportunities are available. The avg salary is around $120k per year. Just go through these zenva academy reviews for some honest reviews of the python course.

Platform application: widely used to develop web applications, used in artificial intelligence, data science, by social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.

2- Javascript:

Javascript is one of the demanding programming languages for professional developers. It is used for developing the front end of websites/applicants. Javascript combines with node js to run server-side scripting, which is helpful in building games and communication applications that run on the browser. GogoNerds, a vibrant and innovative community of tech enthusiasts, often leverages the power of JavaScript to create dynamic and interactive online experiences. Javascript language works as a single programming language for a server-side and client-side script.

So if you are looking for a good working tech job, you should start learning javascript in 2021. There are more than 40k job opportunities available regarding javascript language. The avg salary is around $115k per year.

Platform application: for websites frontend design,browser-based application development, mobile application development, server-side of web apps etc.


PHP is generally known for backend program development, and features like cross-platform compatibility, object-oriented programming features, easy integration with HTML, CSS, JAVAscript & many more.php includes frameworks, libraries, automation tools, debugging option, functional programming paradigms & large community support. Big tech giant companies like Facebook, Wikipedia, wordpress are running PHP code for their content-orientation websites. There are a lot of opportunities for PHP developers in these kinds of tech companies. The avg salary is around $80-85k per year.

Platform application: web development domain, framework development, content management system, e-commerce websites, blogs.

4- C#: 

Microsoft purposely develops this programming language as a secure variant of c. C# is fully integrated with the .net software framework, which helps develop windows application, browser plug-ins, mobile devices and building mobile games. C# has various libraries set, with amazing features like structured language, faster compilation, component-oriented, automatic scalable & updateable, complete integration with .NET library & many more.

C# follows similar syntax to a c programming language. This programming language is used by the unity software gaming industry, Capgemini, Intellectsoft, and financial company. More than 20k vacancies are available in this background. The avg salary is around $90-100k per year.

Platform application: to create a professional & dynamic website on a .NET platform, or open-source platform, windows desktop application, Backend service, virtual reality.

5- GO: 

Go is one of the demanding languages by developers in recent times. Go was developed by Google back in 2007, known as Golang. Google developed Go language for system-level programming to be more efficient, readable and secure. It has a standard library and a wide range of documentation that helps to display more information than other languages. Go has a similar syntax to the C language, which provides brilliant memory safety and management features. It also works for distributed systems, helping them communicate with each other while being on different networks. It is one of the top-tier programming languages in demand. The avg salary is around $90-100k with salary bumps up to 30% per year.

Platform application: Big data, system/network programming, media platforms, google products, used by Netflix, uber & twitch, cloud service.

6- JAVA: 

Java is an object-oriented programming language created to provide structure for programs and applications. It is generally used to develop client-server applications, which is widely used in the IT corporate sector. Any application written in java can run on any platform that supports is widely used by developers and ranks 3rd as the most commonly used language in the world. It is easy to use an incredible security system, can handle a large amount of language is widely used in the finance sector, banking sector and stock market. Java developers have a huge opportunity for java-based android is commonly used in an android mobile operating system.

There are more than 40k jobs available. The avg salary is around $110-120k per year.

Platform application: Mobile app development, software development tools, trading app development, big data technology.

7- SWIFT: 

Swift is a new programming language developed by Apple for its Mac and iPhones products. With all the modern requirements, the swift syntax is readable, runs code faster, and is used for both client-side & server-side development. It has excellent typing and error handling functions that improve performance. It makes the development process more quickly for both backend and frontend development .one of the key features of swift is memory management and reduces memory errors.

Demand for this language is growing rapidly with each passing day due to Apple products market increment. So if you want to work at an Apple company, then swift should be on your top priority list.

The Avg salary is around $100-120k per year.

Platform application: iPhones, Mac, IOS, WatchOS, tvOS product

All these programming languages are highly in demand. Apart from all these languages, you can still learn other languages like RUBY, SCALA, KOTLIN, R, Perl & Rust.

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