How Trade Rocket League Items For Credits & Exchange With Other Players Safely?

Trade Rocket League

Trade Rocket League

You may not think that tank soccer would create a huge and ever-changing economy. Where it will be like a game about space exploration and battles of high-stakes spacecraft. This must be a crazy speech.But it’s not. Aside from all the raucous, high-octane fun that comes with real gameplay for Rocket League, The game offers a dynamic commercial economy in which players exchange several thousand dollars each day. Cars, decals, wheels, blueprints- all at your fingertips for the right price. If you know what you’re doing, of course. Below, we’ll provide you with an overview of Rocket League trading as well as some tips, tricks and recommendations to protect yourself from the less fortunate members of Rocket League.

How to trade in Rocket League

Although the actual trading process in Rocket League is extremely simple, many players find themselves lost in the face of all the hype created by the rocket league’s bustling economy.

To make a deal with another player, simply invite him to your group or join his group. Once in the designated room, select the player with whom you want to exchange and click ‘Invite to exchange’. This will open the trade list where players can offer a number of items to exchange with each other.

Trades can include any combination of negotiable items and they don’t need to be equal in numbers. It all depends on the barter system. A player offers a certain combination of items, his trading partner offers his own payment in return, and both parties must accept or refuse.

How do you trade Rocket League items for credits?

If you want to get new items or just get rid of items you don’t need on Rocket League, there’s a site! This is Rocketprices.Com, which offers you to exchange items for Rocket League credits between players.

The site works very simplely, with a search bar. You can then enter the criteria for an item into the fill fields, and then choose if it’s an item you want or own.

You will then see a list of people, proposing or wishing the item you have listed in the form! You can then get in touch with the player of your choice if you are interested in his offer.

You can also offer your own offer by clicking on “Add trade offer.” You can then choose to put your own items up for sale for credits!

How Trading (Exchange Items) With Other Players?

  • Join the trading discussion on Steam/Reddit.
  • There you can either view the current offers or search directly for the desired item in the search bar.
  • If you want to post a quote, click “Start a new discussion”.
  • Once you have found an item, send a friend request to the owner or log in to the comments.
  • In-game, you can then make a trade request and exchange items.

How to do safe trade in Rocket League?

If you trade with friends, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but as with any online in-game economy, there are weed scammers who are willing to cheat you with your best Rocket League items for PS4, PC, Xbox or Switch if you’re not careful.

Take some precautions. Do not accept a trade until you have thoroughly reviewed the deal. If you trade many items, you need to go through the offer and scroll down before clicking Accept. A common scam is for players to fill the victim’s box with garbage and remove the important, valuable item when you least expect it.

Also, don’t listen to scammers claiming they can duplicate items and check online price lists and participate in the economy so you don’t get rid of your valuable items for a few creates. If it’s a serious trade in many valuable items, find out if you can find a trusted middleman on the Steam forums or on the Rocket League Exchange subreddit.

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