How to use Revit?


Building construction and designing keep vital importance in every age. Expertise have uncovered various techniques to enhance the skill in construction etc. As we know that construction pertains to numerous steps. Architects and engineers have especially focused on the construction of new ways. With the expansion of technology, discoveries in the architecture field have been also developed. The Revit software is installed on the laptop and computer. After the installation, it starts working. The user must be critical while purchasing the laptop for this. The best laptop for Revit requires good storage, memory, processor,graphics, etc.

In the contemporary era, most of the architecture has shifted to BIM from the conventional methods. BIM facilitates expertise in different ways. It provides a more collaborative environment. It gives a strong idea of sustainable buildings. Industries can use BIM to create more friendly buildings. It saves time and money.

Labours become more efficient. The question arises of how this technology will work. As the mobile phone is useless without a sim, similarly BIM is useless without software requiring software to implement its application.

What is Revit?

Revit is an extensive software that assists a variety of professionals together such as designers, interior designers, architecture builders, and construction. Revit provides sophisticated ways to create models of real world-building and structure.

What is Revit?

What is Revit?

General overview of Revit function:

If somebody is working in modelling construction, Revit software is the best software that will assist in the comprehension of the subject program. It is different from the other drafting software due to its unique features. It contains material information, atmosphere information, dimension information of buildings, etc. Almost it covers all the aspects of architecture designing.

All the plans are available on the side of the software with level 1, Level 2, and so on. including wall plan floor plan, elevation, ceiling plans, legends information, etc.

How does Revit work?

How does Revit work?

How does Revit work?

Here, in this article I will briefly explain how Revit works.

  • Open the Revit application
  • Open the interface of Revit, usually, the screen is divided into two. The top half area contains the project area where users can see their previous project work and new projects including different templates like architectural, constructional, and mechanical templates.
  • The lower half of the screen includes other options including a family area where you can open existing or new Revit families.
  • After opening the working area, on the very right side of the screen is the resource panel where the user gets new notifications and updates. The topmost area contains the menu bar in which different tabs and instructions are located.
  • In the left menu bar, a menu button will be donated by capital R. When the user clicks on its different standards commands will appear including new, save as, save, etc.

If you start a new project, click on the new button. A dialog box will open, different options for various projects will appear there including architecture projects, building projects, etc.

Here we use the tutorial for the architectural projects. Then a specific interface will open according to the selected template. The working area will appear on the screen.

  • In the menu bar, the first tab will be the Architecture tab. It is used to create the model and structure of the building including walls, ceiling, stairs, and room.
  • Next to the architecture tab, the other tab will be structured. It includes beams, slabs, foundations, etc.
  • The next tab is a system that is also further divided into different tools and it has its specification.
  • The other main function of the Revit is as follows.
  • Insert is used to import different links and projects of various formats.
  • Next is the annotate tab, which allows the user to create symbols, attach text and create tags.
  • Massing and site facilitate the user to create surface area and its relevant work including trees and parking spaces.
  • Collaborate as its name shows that through this option, you can interact with the other users of Revit. This option allows you to merge your project with other projects and work together.
  • View tab allows you to view your model.
  • There is an option of modification in the Revit software. The modification allows the users to modify the elements of the projects that you have created.


Revit is one of the best software used in BIM. In this modern age, all the professional architecture and constructors are using it for a variety of buildings. This is the best software.

One must be an expert in the use of Revit software. Revit has a lot of advantages. Revit has not only saved the time of people but money also.

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