How To Use Marketing Automation For Lead Generation

If you are looking for a way to generate more leads without doing a lot of work, then you should consider using marketing automation. For something that has been around for years now, marketing automation is becoming quite popular and more platforms are fast adopting it as the best and easiest way to generate leads. Everyone is making use of marketing automation these days, from bloggers to big companies and you should not be left out. Have you been considering using marketing automation for your business website? It is a very easy process and we at Brink Unlimited would explain everything in detail here.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the use of relevant software and other technological means to handle the marketing tasks in a company. Every company wants to reach as many clients and customers as possible. Traditionally, other means were used such as billboards, advertisements on the radio and television to reach customers. While these means were effective, they do not fit into today’s world where a more direct and intentional approach is required. One way to do that is with the power of the email. Emails are used for sending all sorts of messages and it can also be used to generate more leads for your business.

Writing emails to potential customers can be quite tasking, especially since you have to follow up and on and on. You also have to sort out the mails into various categories and this involves a lot of work. But it is not something you have to do yourself as some software allows you to accomplish these tasks. The software would compose mails, divide the mailing list into various categories, and carry out the whole follow-up process till you can convert the lead to sales. You should remember that the main purpose of marketing automation is to gain more customers for your business or product so all your follow up emails would be geared towards encouraging and convincing people (who are referred to as leads initially) to make a purchase (this is where they become sales). 

Many things go into making the marketing automation process work.

Landing Page

This is a web page on your website that tells visitors about a particular product or offer. They may be asked to fill a form, which would require their email which you can use. Your website may have more than one landing page, each with a different offer or product. It is this landing page that you attach to your social media pages or any other platform to lead people directly to your website. 

Social Media Pages

The best way to attract leads is through your social media pages. If you engage well on social media, you should have a handful of strong followers, some of whom may not be customers yet. You can then create posts that would send them to a landing page on your website. 

Lead magnet

This is something you offer that draws leads to you. It could be a free ebook or a discount voucher. You can place this anywhere on your website, including the landing pages, offering something worth it that would be delivered to the visitor’s mail. This allows you to gain a new email address which you can then convert to sales. But you should keep in mind that you must deliver on your promise for a free ebook or voucher to maintain your credibility. 

You can follow these few steps below to get the most out of marketing automation.

Gain Leads

We outlined some steps you can use to gain leads above. Leads here refers to the email addresses of website visitors who you could convert to customers. You need leads to continue the process. If you are using a lead magnet, make sure you deliver on it before doing anything else.

Give More Content

After that, you can offer people more content to test their responses. People who reply with interest should be moved to a new list while those who do not respond should be moved to another. You should pay more attention to people who show more interest in the things you offer them. A software can help you sort out the subscribers into lists or categories, using their replies. 

Follow Up Warm Leads

Warm leads are those who seemed interested in your various offers. It may now be appropriate to sell to them the product you had in mind all along. A lot of convincing would have to be done at this point but if the person has been interested enough up to this point, you would not need to do a lot to convince them.

You should keep in mind that this process listed can take up to several weeks before you can convert a lead to sales. You should not rush it or be too direct at the lead otherwise you could lose them. Also, it would be necessary for you to visit emails that did not respond well to re-ignite their interest after some time.


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