How to Start Playing Video Games on PC: A Beginner’s Guide

Start Playing Video Games

Start Playing Video Games

For anyone interested to start with video games, it can be a daunting place. Video games on PC have developed a lot. You don’t have to go to the games stores anymore to buy your favorite launches. There are now hundreds of thousands of game titles available on digital distribution services like GOG and Steam.

It makes it even easier to build your own game collection without leaving your couch. This guide on How to Start Playing Video Games on PC will take you through various PC game-related details. It’ll also help you understand the complex technical jargon of this industry.

But before that, should you play video games? Let us find out.

Should You Play Video Games? 

People might have told you many times to stop wasting your time on gaming and concentrate on your studies. Trust us; they see video games as a mere “waste of time.” However, it is quite the opposite. PC games have a lot of psychological impact on our minds.

For instance, video gaming improves our hand-eye coordination, decision-making ability, cognitive flexibility, even vision. Yet, there is a stereotypical belief that video gaming makes us unsocial. Multiplayer FPS, Battle Royale, or RPG games actually enhance our communication capabilities since we have to play with a team with that if you want edge over other players you must Buy MTG Arena Promo Packs codes from the online shop MTGA Codes to receive five booster packs.

Thus, although not physical, video games have a lot more psychological benefits. But make sure you maintain your schedule accordingly. Sitting in one place for hours can also have an adverse effect on your mental health. So, playing in balance should be the goal.

How to Start Playing Video Games

1. Hardware

If you have dreamt of becoming a pro player, you might have been drawn to seeing yourself with a cool gaming PC setup. Most beginners ask whether a gaming PC is really necessary for gaming. The answer is yes! Now, there’s a twist in this. Not all games have the same requirement.

Games like The Witcher 3 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which are pretty graphics-demanding, would require a heavy setup. But, if you prefer playing light games, you won’t actually require much. So, you need to learn a game’s requirements to build your gaming PC.

“Oh, wait! Do I have to build it now? Can’t I just buy a gaming laptop instead?” Now, there is again another twist in this. A gaming laptop may seem an easier choice since it comes all assembled, but it can’t really perform as well as a gaming PC.

First of all, you can customize your gaming PC as per your requirement. You can add a better GPU, a more powerful CPU, RAM, and other specs in a gaming PC. In contrast, gaming laptops don’t have that much customizability.

Once you know your gaming preferences and budget, you can start building your PC accordingly. The specs you’ll need to build a gaming PC are – CPU, graphics card or GPU, SSD, HDD, RAM, keyboard, and mouse. Make sure you find a good balance between CPU and GPU.

2. Where Can You Buy?

Unlike those old-school storefronts, modern games have virtual gaming storefronts. Some of the most famous gaming storefronts are Steam and GOG. Both these platforms have an exclusive collection. They offer video games at a reasonable price.

You would find most of the latest blockbuster hits on Steam. The platform also has a variety of engaging independent games (built by smaller studios).

Steam also suggests games based on your preferences and purchase history. It also has a social element in it. So you can connect with your friends and find out their suggestions.

3. What Should You Play?

For someone new to PC gaming, where to start is a big question. But, hey! You have already come a long way. Now you have a gaming PC setup, and you know from where you can purchase a game. So, the question is, what should you play? Well, that depends on your preference.

There are a lot of gaming types:

  • First Person Shooter (FPS)- Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, etc.
  • Third Person Shooter- Uncharted, Bayonetta, etc.
  • Role-Playing Game (RPG)- Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, Witcher, Dark Souls, etc.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)- Eve Online, Guild Wars 2, etc.
  • Real-time strategy game (RTS)- Company Heroes

If you visit the store, you will find these games categorized in different sections. Download the one that allures you.


With new and more exciting games launching frequently, PC games can be a little overwhelming for beginners. But, if you are passionate about starting your journey, this article on How to Start Playing Video Games on PC: A Beginner’s Guide would bring you some peace.

So, it’s time to revamp your gaming room with a cool gaming PC setup. Once done, go and look for the best games on gaming storefronts. Also, don’t ignore the Limited Slot & Premium Game Cheats, which are extremely helpful for winning these games. With all these and a little dedication, you are sure to become a pro someday.

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