How to set up an LLC with a Virtual Office?

How to set up an LLC with a Virtual Office?

How to set up an LLC with a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a well-suited option for businesses starting and solopreneurs as it yields many benefits including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, time management, and work-life balance.

This means that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank in order by leasing a tall glass building to get your business started because a virtual office could be a boon companion for your company.

At this point you might be questioning yourself, do I need a virtual address for my LLC, if yes, then how do I get one, and are there any other substitutes I could consider to register apart from a virtual office.

Well, all your queries will be answered in this guide leaving you with a lucid understanding of registering an LLC with a virtual office.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a service that links employers with employees and provides many business functions available through the internet.

Hence, a virtual office allows businesses to have the many benefits of a conventional office without having to pay the rent of it.

Some prominent virtual office services include a business postal address, a receptionist, mail handling and forwarding, and phone answering services.

With all these services combined, when your business address appears in google listings it makes you appear like a pro!

All the options available to use for your LLC

Using a residential address for LLC

Utilizing your home address as your LLC is the easiest and most convenient way to get your business going but it brings some privacy and reliability issues along with it too.

First and foremost, when you display your residential address to the public, Google listings can help ill-intentioned people reach out at your doorstep which compromises your privacy.

Also, many traders feel reluctant to work with you when they view your home address in google listings due to credibility concerns.

Moreover, make sure your home address is eligible to run a business because many times zoning laws and homeowners association laws don’t let businesses operate from home and require a business address for LLC.

Consequently, while you achieve affordability by not investing in a virtual office and save on commute expenditure, many other factors like credibility and professionalism are put at stake.

Using a PO box for LLC

Using a PO box is yet another feasible option if you are just starting, as you get all the mailing services without having a physical office location.

If you don’t expect much mail volume and also don’t mind the commute of going to the post office picking the mails and packages then a PO box is a fairly smart and painless option.

But many states don’t accept PO boxes as registered agents and demand a physical street address to register for LLC.

In addition, many bank institutions don’t accept a postal office as your principal institute, thereby accepting credit cards and payments become a hurdle.

Another drawback is that a PO box doesn’t notify you whenever a business mail is received, and you are obliged to visit the mail office occasionally.

This could lead to a chance of receiving important documents behind schedule or you might just be visiting the main office to find junk mail inside.

Virtual address for LLC

Unlike a PO box and home address, a virtual address opens up a world of flexibility and affordability for your business.

So, if your business requires a physical address to receive emails and interact with your prospects then a virtual office should be your go-to option.

Additionally, you are allowed to receive emails from all courier services, and opening bank accounts for payment purposes also becomes smooth.

All your private information including contact information and residential location are assured to be kept secure so, no possibility of encountering a dissatisfied client.

To sum it up a virtual address for LLC guarantees to uplift your business rapport and gives you a lot more control over mail scanning and forwarding.

When compared to a PO box and residential address, a virtual office can be relatively more spendy but worth the perks you achieve in turn.

 Signing up for a virtual office

Registering with a virtual address for LLC can be done in a few simple steps. Firstly, you choose a trusted virtual office solution and select the plan you need for your business. Then sign up for the desired plan and proceed to checkout.

Finally, send a notarized 1583 form along with two forms of ID and file a change of address or simply inform your previous business associates about it.


Although a postal office and residential address do the job of receiving your emails and cutting the costs, if you are looking to step up your professional image to your customers and boost sales then a virtual office should seriously be considered.

Some states don’t accept the other two options for LLC registration or opening a business bank account and require a physical address for it.

Not only does a virtual office bring you a prestigious business address with a touch of class but also doesn’t break your bank.

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