How To Optimize Google My Business And Leverage It For More Sales

Google My Business

Google My Business

Earlier, people used phonebooks to find a contact number for a particular business. Nowadays, an internet search (Google) is used by people to find any information regarding the location of a shop or a business, get directions to it, the contact number, etc., to fulfill their needs. Every business must have a Sofia Dallas SEO service in order to get more sales and reach.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free and effective tool that can boost the visibility of a company or a business online. It’s like a virtual phone book containing contact numbers, location, and hours of operation of a business. It helps potential customers gather your contact information, precise location, and directions to your store or office. 

The search by business name often displays the GMB page of the company that contains all the vital info and photographs with reviews and ratings of that company. It usually appears on top of the search results. It displays valuable information for customers before they visit your website to determine if they want to engage with that business. 

There are various attributes to be shown for customers visiting your Google My Business (GMB) page. Information like business name, business type, address, hours of operation, phone number, link to website, images, link to google maps, reviews, overall star rating, popular times to visit, etc., should be listed.

According to the latest statistics, 97% of users look for local business information online. Adults use search engines to look for information, and more than 90% of them use search engines. When a customer comes across your Google My Business (GMB) page, they can find the link to your website and will most likely visit your store or office in person. 

From time to time, we use search engines to find the info of a business and call them or see them. We have all used GMB from time to time to look for directions to a salon, spa, doctor, grocery store, etc. 

Benefits Of Google My Business

It would help if you optimized your GMB page, and when leveraged correctly, Google My Business would get customer loyalty and increase sales.

A Google My Business page lists your business in Google’s 3-pack, where local listings are in the first-page preview above organic results in a limited 3-pack format. It displays the company on Google Maps as well as on the top spots of a search page.

Another significant upside of using Google My Business is that 50% of customers who conducted a local search are more likely to visit the store the same day.

You can track the actions of your customers who visited your Google My Business page. For example, did they look for directions for your business or click to find your contact details. Did they visit your website? Did they perform a direct search by entering your business name? By gaining access to this information, you can make changes to attract more clientele.

Forging A Bond With Customers

Google My Business page allows you to take reviews from the users, gaining your business insight. Reviews will immensely help in evaluating the pros and cons of your services or products. Always reply to your customer’s reviews. It shows that you care about their needs, and this will increase your listing on google.

Boost Sales

Most of the consumers make purchasing decisions by reading reviews and ratings of the company. Google provides a five-star rating that lets your clients record or share their experiences about your business. By gaining more stars, other users will give your business a try when needed.

Build Trust With Customers

By providing your business location on your Google My Business page, your customers will make a confident purchase. Companies or brands that appear on Google are likely to be considered reputable by consumers.

Increase Traffic And In-Store Visits

Your Google My Business page, when optimized, helps you attract potential customers to your website. When your business shows up in local searches, it increases the chance of in-store visits and online sales.

Higher Ranking

When you provide accurate and detailed information on the Google My Business page, your company will likely rank higher in the listing. It shows your GMB page on top of the searches.

Key Points To Include In Your Google My Business (GMB) Page

  1. Address And Contact Details: Make sure you type an accurate and precise address with a postal code. Providing an email and phone number gives customers direct access to reach you.
  2. Website: The link to your website should be provided so that customers can be aware of your detailed services and products.
  3. Business Hours: It is beneficial to visit the store or office accordingly if a person knows about the hours of operation. Providing opening and closing hours ensure that customers reach you when you are open for business.
  4. Services Offered: A glance at the services you provide will assist customers in what they are looking for and choose your business accordingly. It comes in handy as even before a customer visits your website, they know about your products.
  5. Profile Photo: It is not mandatory to upload your profile photo; however, doing so will get more clicks. Listings with a profile photo tend to get thirty to forty percent more clicks and are considered reputable. You can upload a video of your content as well. 

Provide information that is accurate and up-to-date regarding your business. Any inconsistency can result in a negative ranking of a page.

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