How to Keep Your Business from Being a Target for Crime

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Crime can come in many different forms – criminal damage, theft, arson, and neglect, to name a few. However, you can break this down into much easier factors, and that is the physical criminal and the cybercriminal.

The main factor here is that a physical criminal will have to be present to commit a crime, whereas a cybercriminal can be based anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, it is not just a case of picking one and then guarding against it. You will have to protect your business against both and all the damage that they can impose upon you, your employees, your customers, and your business.

Look after exterior boundaries

It is highly important to look after your exterior boundaries. This does not only make your property look attractive and welcoming to guests but also shows that you are paying close attention to the structures, albeit fences, walls, or shrubbery, that divide your property from that of the public highway or sidewalk.

When you are checking out your boundaries, it is a good idea to check for damage, criminal or otherwise, and get any areas in need of attention repaired as soon as possible.

Create internal boundaries

You may find that in order to keep a close eye on those that enter your buildings, it is a good idea to create boundaries within your business. This can be easily done by using security technology such as swipe cards, passcodes, or keypads to zone areas within your property so that access is only given to those areas for employees that need to get there for their daily job roles.

By doing this, you will be able to protect areas within your business that harbor sensitive technology. Obviously, in saying this, it is a good idea to create restricted access within your data and software so that your employees only have access to the information that they require for their job roles. 

Keep employees informed 

It is important that you keep your employees informed of how the cybercriminals work and how they are likely to be targeted within your business. This is probably via email scams which can be in the form of phishing attacks or ransomware, to name a couple.

Ransomware is when a cybercriminal encrypts data for whatever reason and then holds it for ransom; the victim of this crime is generally given a time limit to pay a certain amount of money to the criminal before the threat of either exposure, deletion, or the ransom is increased. To find out more about ransomware, the threat it poses, and how you can help protect your business and your employees against it, click here.

Use an office-based cloud for your business needs

One of the main ways you can use technology to keep your business safe is to install a cloud system to hold all of your software and data. Cloud technology is one of the safest options for sensitive data storage due to there not being a physical unit to damage or steal, no wires to cut, plus there are additional fail-safes such as added security measures which could help deter criminals and get them heading for a much easier business to target.

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